Beybladejapan Signature Banner Creation Contest!!!

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Let's have a contest! I need a signature banner, which I was going to make myself...but then decided I wanted some fresh ideas!

Which led to the "Beybladjapan Signature Banner Creation Contest!!!"

1 The theme must be Aquario and contain the words "Beyblade Japan"
2 The size must be within WBO rules 500x200 Max. Note: I would would prefer something a little thinner 500x120, 500x150 etc.
3 The winning banner will be decided by myself
4 Post your creations in the thread and feel free to water mark your entries. The winner can PM me the original banner.
5 You may enter a maximum of 3 banners.
6 Please give your banner a title for the viewers poll.

1 week - March 14th, 2011 from the time of this post!

1 Takara Tomy Beyblade from Japan. (You may make a request...not all requests are 100% SantaTongue_out_wink)

Feel free to make a viewer vote on your favorite banner in the banner poll. You may vote on multiple banners. I will update this as new banners are added. NOTE: the poll can not be edited and therefore will not be used, sorry!


1st Entry 1 - CurlyMagic Winner
[Image: e1.jpg]

2nd Entry 12 - Twex
[Image: Post34.png]

3rd Entry 2 - Jaksonian
[Image: beybladejapansig7.jpg?t=1300066107]

Remember you can have up to 3 entries!

Good Luck to all contestants!
3,2,1 Go Shoot!!
The Your Creation forum is there for a reason you know.
I will first accept the challenge and then the prize eh? Send me your favorite aquario images and consider it done.
Anyone may use this:
[Image: bb72.jpg]
Warning it is blurry in it's full size.
I'm in, but can someone move this to the 'your creations' forum, it does not belong here
(Mar. 07, 2011  3:39 PM)SDamonCronous Wrote: I'm in, but can someone move this to the 'your creations' forum, it does not belong here

Can you perhaps read and realise that this is already in the Your Creations forum ?

Hm, a free Beyblade ...
Wait... Snap, it must have moved right after I posted that. Sorry
It has been moved for hours. It was moved before I even went to sleep, and now it is the morning for me.
I do apologize for posting in the wrong forum... now let's keep the thread on topic! We have 2 contestants so far! Good Luck!
Wow! It's only the first day and already some great entries! I am getting nervous now that I know I will have to choose one!
Signature #2/3
Signature title: aquario 2
[Image: beybladejapansig3.jpg?t=1299555009]

[Image: beybladejapanav2-1.jpg?t=1299546347] Avatar does not count.

I can remove the text on request
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold on there Nano didn't enter,lol. Making me "participant ichi! (one)" o=, lol[Image: offtopicnessuserbar.jpg?t=1299365173]
Participant #2
Entry #4
Signature Title: beybladejapan sig V1
[Image: ffcfd561e4.png]

I decided to go for a more simple design. I can change the signature's images and writing at will so if you think something needs improving then tell me
Looking great everyone!
Entry 2 - Jaksonian is the best in this selection don't
you think....... I would it's just my opinion.
I love Jacksonians, but SDamonCronous has the best one. I was thinking of making one, but I'm not anymore...
im going to enter this:
its my first time doing hope its ok
Signature# 3/3
Title: water aquarious.

[Image: beybladejapan5sig.jpg?t=1299736444]

[Image: beybladejapan5av.jpg?t=1299736458]

EDIT: beybladejapan I can remove hikaru out of this signature if you need me to.
this is my second entry:
hey beyblade japan i subscribed to you on youtube your videos rocks
anyway i put some though into it and her is your banner Hope you liked it
Entry#1 participant#5
the aquario's wash[img]hey [Image: Aquariochalland.jpg]
you like aquario alot huh well ill make aquario owning another beyblade
Woah!!! Nile, you're awesome!!! Jacksonian's 3/3 entry looks better than his other 2.... Only if Jacks would have written BeybladeJapan in some other color...