Beyblade:adventures of the crusaders(cancelled until further notice)

This is non canon to my other fanfics


Near future. The World Earth Defense and NASA had collaborated to discover earth-like planets like proxima centauri. with the technology of 
Anti-matter. they could travel anywhere within a 
blink of an eye. but an galactic empire far from the milky way galaxy. called the Snake Pit is now heading to the milky way to conquer everything in their path. meanwhile in Mars's Orbit. 11 year old Valt Aoi is being trained as supersoldiers of the future. as an pilot of the Valkryie fighter jets..... he needs to protect his galaxy to save everyone from the tyranny of Snake Pit...

Warning!:This only intended for age 12 or above.contains Gore and disturbing Events. read at your own risk. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! 
Now THIS is going to be epic. This seems like a nice idea thats fairly original around here. Im excited
thanks XSabxManiacX now some info...

Valkyrie program is a program that trains preteens to pilot Valkryie's

Valkryie's are bike-shaped fighter Spaceships with high mobility, Very Fast, Strong but not that strong....
Valkyrie's were designed by Dr. Mawako Sadaowaki
A Japanese Astronomer and Scientist.

Updated information:
It can transform into Mechs with high mobility and strength......

Valkryie overview


Mech Form


Core reactor:2A Reboot Antimatter Core

Haul type:6V Venom 3AMITTER Type

Weapons:Bendable laser Arsenal,Thunderer Chainsword
That sounds really interesting! The fact that theyre bike-shaped amuses me somewhat
Note:My Fanfic is cancelled until further notice.....

note:there are some characters from UE that will appear here

here are some hints

1.So is That A Super Cool Japanese 3 pointed Weapon

2.Ocean Titan

3.Headless Delinquent

4.Z Demon
Hiatus lifted

1st episode preview

Intruder:WHAT YOU GIVING UP!!!!!

Valt:im not.........GOING TO GIVE UP!!!!!!

Becket:DO IT VALT!!!!!!!

Valt:lets play a game...........FIRST TO TURN INTO MINCEMEAT!!!!!!!!

Intruder:I'LL WIN!!!!!!

*Valkryie's sword pierces through the shield*