Beyblade Zero-G Series. (Watch video in first post!)

I can't wait to see the new zero g fusion wheels. From the pic shown, though small, they might be pretty aggressive.
(Feb. 09, 2012  10:25 PM)LeonTempestXIII Wrote: I am unsure about that last statement. As you posted in the newest set of updates, Shinobi Salamander is a balance type associated with the element of fire. However I do not think this is relevant to the type of beyblade, but Salamander itself. The mythological being "Salamander" is commonly assosiated with the element of fire, and is even sometimes portrayed as a dragon like creature, (a winged lizard that can breathe fire, but not actualy a dragon) and othertimes as just a large version of a real salamander, but that can breathe fire.

BBG-01 being an attack type and "Hero" bey was clear from the start haha. $5 says Shinobi Salamander is a rival to BBG-01, and later, an ally.

Yo, you do not understand. Read the last post in the Shinobi Salamander topic, I explained it clearly. For TAKARA-TOMY, Shinobi Salamander is a Balance Type because apparently it mixes Attack and endurance. Attack is fire, endurance is (?).

Also, Ifrit also has something to do with fire, if I remember correctly.
Winged creatures of fire, in origin, in point of fact.
I am still not 100% convinced type plays a factor in this. Wind and Fire have seem to been the protagonist bey element themes (Dragoon-wind, Pegasus was both Fire and Wind) Also, Ifrit isnt associated with an element other than Fire, and both Salamander and Ifrit have this in common. However I could be wrong, and perhaps element is assosiated with type.

Mythological beings and warriors from several different cultures, and now elements may be thrown into the mix...

I think I am going to like this series
... Do you understand that "Balance" is more than one type ? So Salamander has fire, and some other element that is unknown and associated to endurance.

"Fire" is directly associated with "Attack" in the descriptions, so you cannot tell me that you are personally not convinced that the elements have anything to do with types ... I am telling you that they do, it is a fact.
I know the definition of balance. I find it strange however that Ifreid is not known for more than one element other than fire.

If it directly translates that way, then that is fine. I was commenting under the knowlage that Japanese-English translations are sometimes inaccurate, and much of what is said in japanese gets lost or mistranslated when put into english.
Look at Ifrit :

There is only fire associated to it ...
Forgive me, I mixed up the 2 names before.

I ment to say "Salamander" is only assosiated for fire. Ifreid is only fire and really so is Salamander. Sorry for the confusion.
To post something with more relevance, after doing some quick searching on Salamader, then the original 4 alchemic elementals (Water Fire Earth and Air), expect to see "Gnomes", "Nymphs", "Slyphs", and "Fairies" themed beys.
Do not post unconfirmed parts. Thank you.

This site is for exclusively reliable information, we want to spread as few possibly bad rumours as possible. If you cannot judge whether something is confirmed or not, then assume that it is unconfirmed.
(Feb. 10, 2012  4:30 AM)Kai-V Wrote: Look at Ifrit :

There is only fire associated to it ...

I looked at those pictures, and went back and looked at all of the names we have confirmed so far. The iconic themes appear to be becoming a bit more mature and a bit more dark.

I'm not at all complaining.
(Feb. 10, 2012  6:39 AM)Arupaeo Wrote: I looked at those pictures, and went back and looked at all of the names we have confirmed so far. The iconic themes appear to be becoming a bit more mature and a bit more dark.

I'm not at all complaining.

Definitely. A hero with an Ifrit-based Beyblade will surely be exciting. Or more exciting than a flying horse ...

I do not know if TAKARA-TOMY is trying to follow its initial audience into more mature years, or if it is just the new perspective to take with kids these days.
I am so happy that they are finally focussing on elements. I I hope certain elements are overused,though.
Beyblade for an older audience? Now this I have to see. Hard to imagine beyblade in any way other than for its younger audience, but like Arupaeo, I wont complain if this ends up being true
Kids like things that seem more mature, remember. It's the parents that can cause an issue, however they could perhaps be mostly placated by the brand already being popular for children.
Japan is a bit different from the US, keep in mind. I am sure anything that changes to beyblade in Japan that is more mature in any way wont be an issue in the slightest

For the US? I really cant say the same...
The US is what I had in mind, and I'm sure if Hasbro think it'll be an issue, they will manage to dumb it down.
I hope they will make Beyblade more mature, more like naruto or bleach. Like someone said earlier though they might ending up dumbing it down. They might make the pilot or movie mature and then make the anime less mature.
I thought Naruto was just filled with screaming children? Wasn't Metal Fight filled with screaming kids enough? =/

If this series was to be 'more mature' than it already was, wouldn't concentrating the percentage in metal even more qualify? Or make each top the size of an Engine Gear top?
so the fourth season of beyblade will have zero g beyblades.
beyblade being more mature, this sounds interesting, since beyblade is aimed at kids. i think that beyblade becoming more mature is good thing.

Anyway, I'm just hoping their idea of "mature" isn't "SKATEBOARDS AND BMX".

(Feb. 10, 2012  6:11 PM)dragoonevo Wrote: so the fourth season of beyblade will have zero g beyblades.

Yeah that's it. You are some mystical icon of destiny who can forecast information before it can be considered final or hell even real.

In fact, screw the magical source we rely on. Dragoonevo is a prodigy.
Haha parents dont know how to raise anything these days anyway. Todays dog fighters are yesterdays pokemon trainers. But if parents do speak up, it will be something like hardcore christian moms having a problem with Ifrit.

As for the new info, hell yea. But im more concerned about the Anime itself. Budgets are too low. If half of every episode is sitting and talking, at least make more than their mouths move.
OK I cannot believe im saying this but we need to lock this thread til further notice because someones gonna say something pointless and get warned and well I don't want that to happen
No, it is just dragoonevo always posting irrelevant things and always getting warned no matter the topic.