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I will make a story. But i need at least 4-5 characters. Comment below and tell me what character you want on here. Add, character gender, character name, your bey's name and its parts, your bey's moves and what they do, and your characters appearance(looks). Enjoy the story:

Chapter 1: New friend.
A blader named Emmanuel (Manny for shorter) Mata was waiting anxiously in his room. He was waiting for the tournament to start. He had been waiting the whole week for it. He knew that him and his Rock Pegasus were gonna win. Finally as 4 o'clock came he started walking toward where the tournament was. As he got there, he just looked around. He saw many bladers practicing in smaller stadiums. He saw others signing up for the tournament at the last minute. He signed up a whole week earlier. And as they finally called all the bladers to report to the stadiums, he saw a kid about 10 or 12 looking nervous. Manny said, "Hey, you nervous? What's your name?" The kid answered,"Zone Fireburner." Manny asked what his bey was. "My bey is Sol Blaze and its parts are V145AS." "Thats kool, my bey is Rock Pegasus and its parts are 125WD. You ready Zone?" "Yeah... umm whats your name?" "My name Manny Mata." "Well you ready Manny?" "Zone, I have been waiting this whole week." Well Manny, its here now. Good luck." "You too Zone." As the bladers got out their beys, Manny thought -Man, Zone seems like a nice guy. I hope i get to battle him. He seems like a good blader too.-
Manny got his bey out. He took out his grip launcher and string launcher and got into position.

Chapter 2: The battle begins
Rock Pegasus was launched so fast that the other blader couldn't see it. Right as soon as the beys got in the stadium, Rock Pegasus knocked out the other bey. "And the victory goes to Manny!!!" "Yes, one step closer to the finals."
All the battles went by so quickly. The final battle was Manny vs. Zone. "Hey, Manny, good luck." "You too Zone." Manny was ready for the final battle.
Bladers ready. THREE, TWO, ONE, LET IT RIP!!! Right as soon as the beys entered battle, they were attacking each other hit by hit. It was a fierce battle and Zone decided to use his special move first. "Sol Blaze, special move, Blaze Wave!" The move knocked Pegasus back but it was still spinning. "All right Pegasus, special move, Hammer Wing!" yelled Manny, giving his order to his bey. The attack power was evenly matched. Manny tried to think of what to do next, but he wasn't quick enough. Zone let out his other special move, Blaze Execution. Manny yelled quickly, "Special move, Pegasus Rock Defense Wall!" The move blocked Sol Blaze's move. Sol Blaze was knocked back to the edge of the stadium and started wobbling. "Oh no!" yelled Zone. "Time to end this Zone. Special move, Earthquake!" The whole stadium shook and soon it knocked out Sol Blaze. "And the winner is Manny!!!" "Aww man, all that training for nothing." said Zone dissapointedly. "That was a great battle Zone." "Yeah I guess." said Zone. Manny thought to himself ~Now since i won the 1,000 point prize. I have 19,400 points. I wonder what other bladers and challenges are waiting for me?~

Chapter 3: The shadow man(short)
"That boy is good, but not that good. I'm better, stronger, faster. I will challenge this Manny guy and make him quit beyblade... FOREVER!!!"
"Ummm...sir why are you talking to yourself?"
"Shut up and get back to work! You better watch out Manny. I'm coming for you."

Chapter 4: 2 vs.1
As Manny got out of the stadium with his new friend Zone, his mother called him to go to his cousin's house. So he went there with his friend. When he got there, his cousins were practicing with their stadium outside in their front yard. His cousins Kenny and Chris were both battling each other. "Hey guys! Whats up!" yelled Manny.
"Hey Manny, want to battle?"
"Yeah sure. So it's you two versus me?"
"You feeling confident again? Last time you lost badly that your bey almost broke." said Chris.
"Yeah but I have a good feeling about this time. What's your bey this time. I know you changed it again you guys." said Manny.
"Yeah Chris' is Rock Leon 145D and mine is Cyber Pegasus 125F." said Kenny.
"Ok let's go 3, 2, 1, LET IT RIP!!!"
As the beys got in the stadium, they attacked each other fiercely. Both beys started hitting the edge of the stadium. All 3 of them knew that this battle wasn't going to be over soon. Chris decided to use his special move first.
"Leon special move, Roaring Wind!!!" The attack blew back Rock Pegasus.
"Looks like this battle is going to end my way."
"Not quite. Pegasus special move, Earthquake!!"
The attack knocked both beys out of the stadium.
"Nooooooo!!! I didn't even get a chance to use my special move!" yelled Kenny.
"Well that's what you get when you keep on changing beys." said Manny.
"Not anymore. Say Cyber Pegasus and Rock Leon are our permanent beys." said Chris.
"You guys better train with them to get better." said Manny
Yeah we will. We still could have won."
"Yeah sure. Oh yeah, guys this my friend Zone. This was fun and all but we have to go. See ya."
You should really be able to make a story using characters you've created...

Moreover, you should at least make a prologue or a chapter before posting the thread.
^ Ditto with what Sparta said. ^

If you don't post any of the story, then this thread may get taken down.
k imma make one now but i need some characters to get started. but i'll start
(character and looks): A small boy(age:10-12), with mid-night blue shirt, vest, and shorts, the eyes and hair are brown! (charater's name): Zone Fireburner! (beyblade's name): Sol Blaze V145AS! (beyblade's special moves): Blaze Execution and Blaze Wave!
So man o' war1. You live around brownsville, texas
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Seriously, do something about your story, or this is getting closed...
(Jul. 15, 2012  11:20 PM)stormpegasus12 Wrote: So man o' war1. You live around brownsville, texas

Take that to PM. If you post things like that, you'll get banned from this section.
@ChinaBlade- Defstamina88 already said that. Remember next time to not repeat what has already been said. And you don't get banned from a 'section', but instead receive a warning.

You should at least , as Sparta said, write a prologue, or at least something that talks about what the story will be about. This will make it easier to for people to create characters, and this will also help you when trying to fit characters into your story. Also, try to create a format character request should be created in. It makes it more organised and easier for you and other reader to view.
@ Hacked - Sorry. My bad. I didn't read what he said right and I thought he said something completely different. Pinching_eyes_2
Dialogue works like this:
"Hi Bob, nice bey" said Jake as he looked down.
"Thanks, I recolored it" said Bob as he held his bey in the air proudly.