Beyblade Theory: Hasbro's Treptune = TT's Screw Trident?!

As the title states, I believe that Treptune is the single energy layer version of Screw Trident! How? Well, one of the key points (haha, "point") of evidence I have is that trident on Treptune's layer! Trident, Screw Trident, you see where I'm going with this? And plus, we only recently got confirmation of Deep Caynox C3 being released in July! However, in the Beyblade Burst App, we got Deep Caynox's single energy layer predecessor Caynox back in November. And because recently, the app got an update, confirming that Deep Caynox is the official Hasbro name for it, this opens the door to more Evolution beys originating from Hasbro's single energy layers! And when they make the hasbro version of Screw Trident, that Trident part of the name will more than likely be replaced with Treptune! So, what do you guys think? Do you think Treptune is the Single Energy layer version of Screw Trident?
Trident is treptune.
Screw Trident will be Treptune T3
Maybe super.
Depends on Hasbro
Trident is the prize bey of Random Booster Vol.1 (B-15) and you can also find a recolor of it in Random Layer Collection Vol.2 (BG-02).
Chaos is the prize layer of Random Layer Collection Vol.1 (BG-01) and you can find it in Triple Booster Set (B-57)
Treptune is basically just Hasbro's way of calling Trident. Same with Caynox, which is Chaos actually in Takara-Tomy naming. Both of them has no dual layer release, they jumped straight from Single to God Layer.