Beyblade Science: Most Layer Weights are Unbalanced

After seeing a picture posted by TheBladingCow, I checked out my layer weights and found that despite how they initially look from the top side, the bottom side shows that a lot of them are inconsistently filled.

An example is these Layer Weights I took pictures of:

First picture: Ten Weight
Left: 3 stars, one hex hollowed out (top right in picture)
Right: 2 stars, two hexes hollowed out (top left and top right in picture)
Both have the exact same weight at 8.49g

Second Picture: Zan Weight
3 stars, right side has the indentations more hollowed out.
I have another one with 4 stars, both sides are equally filled (not pictured)
Interestingly, the 3 starred one with one hollow side is heavier at 8,1 grams compared to my 4 starred one, which weighs 8 grams

I used to say that the stars on the bottom of Core Disks are only for marking purposes, since sometimes a 4 starred one is not the heaviest. However, it seems to be different for layer weights. Although 4 starred Layer Weights are still not guaranteed to be heavier, those with less than 4 stars seem to have been deliberately designed to be imbalanced. Since the weigh difference is pretty negligible, I hopefully assume the balance is also not significantly affected.

[Image: 3RPkHS4.jpg]

[Image: db3EDZh.jpg]
That was pretty interesting. I'll see if mines are also unbalanced tonight.