Beyblade Random Thoughts

(Nov. 24, 2011  6:51 PM)Nano Wrote: I meant why weren't they allowed at the Asian Championships.

Because TAKARA-TOMY is actually smart and wants things to be fair. By not allowing 4D Beyblades which were by the way also not released by SonoKong yet, they ensure that the conditions were absolutely similar for every region until they get to the world championships. The Japanese champion won in a "pre-4D" environment, the other Asian champions won in a "pre-4D" environment, and the Western champions will have won in a "pre-4D" environment.

And then you have Canadians who will win based on like idiots.
Right, where Lightning Bull <track><bottom> beats 'Twisted' Kerbecs BD145CS. :\

I wish I would've brought my BB-10 and some beys with me; the relatives are either boring or annoying XD
Pffffft, stupid Canadans.

But that makes sense. Leveling out the playing field I suppose.
The super control beyblades are funny especially the Variares version because it looks like its MF-F Variares BD145__
(Nov. 24, 2011  8:24 PM)KaizerMFB Wrote: Wing Upper is very much on par with War Lion.

Just to let you know, that kinda thing would fit better here:

More people who are into plastics check that thread than random thoughts, so yeah.

I'mma reply to it there, because yeah.
Hmm. i seem to get some nice results with MF Death Quetz GB145CS against Basalt Aquario BD145CS. Ill have to do some good through testing though....
c'om Hasbro....please release the 4D beys!!!!
(Nov. 25, 2011  7:33 AM)Garion Wrote: c'om Hasbro....please release the 4D beys!!!!

That would quite impossible at the moment as Metal fight Explosion/Masters has just been released not for so long.
It would take the seies anime to end first to release Metal Fight 4D/ Fury Bey
(Nov. 24, 2011  9:57 PM)Sniperâ„¢ Wrote: The super control beyblades are funny especially the Variares version because it looks like its MF-F Variares BD145__

Who in the right mind puts BD145 on a VariAres? Serious

Blitz hurts when it hits your knuckles hard...
So does Thermal, it can actually cut you, I speak from playing Knuckles with it Tongue_out
My Galaxy cut me before.
That, or it was a Unicorno CW.

Still, it was pretty deep, and I had multiple cuts too.
Well, that is unbelievable.
I hardly know any MFB which have such sharp contact points...
Or maybe, you all have an extremely delicate skin. Tongue_out
If it was plastics/HMS, then I agree. Those hurt at times...
Variares, along with causing me frustration, has taken skin off knuckles and hurt toes.

Plastics, well, Cross Griffon is the master of "FEEL MY WRATH PUNY FINGERS".
Unicorno just hit at a weird angle...
Feel it, it is kind of sharp.

I now want Variares for torturing...
I have multiple scars on my shins, fingers and knuckles too from mfbs. Glad I'm not the only one.. haha
why is there not vary many MW with lots of recoil
Am I the only person who never got hurt with any bey then?..I only get hit with...launchers..I have hurt my knuckles twice while using string launcher and even now I am very bad at it. I even get hit with my opponenet's launcher sometimes..but thankfully that does not happen during tourneys
(Nov. 25, 2011  10:10 AM)All Gen Blader Wrote: why is there not vary many MW with lots of recoil

This is probably the dumbest thing I've read on this site, and that's saying a lot.
(Nov. 25, 2011  10:12 AM)KaizerMFB Wrote: So basically every mode change has something to do with clutches.....

Yes AFAIK because spin velocity is the only thing which can change in a battle so a in-battle change of mode would need something based on spin velocity which takes place with clutches
(Nov. 25, 2011  10:17 AM)KaizerMFB Wrote: Mode change within a battle.

Unless you count CH120's slipping issues, then yes.

There aren't really many alternatives, except maybe a hit-release system, which would be very awkward to do.
Hah, yeah....
Maybe if it was electronically changeable....
Would be awesome, yet as said before, awkward...
I actually wish they'd do something like that, instead of filling over-sized bey-themed plastic shells with motors to spin the tip awkwardly, they should make a track with a simple remote controlled tip-change mechanism or something. :\

Cool thing to do: put a wide defense or I guess 10 wide and tiger defenser/war lion on Wolborg 4's base, wind it up fully, and then hand spin it (with a small drop) clockwise (right spin).

It spins for a little and then goes crazy and flips around.