Beyblade Collection

Plastic: Trypio (No AR)
Galeon (No SR)
Metal Driger (Hasbro)
Roller Defencer (No AR)
Draciel S
Draciel F
Wing Attacker (No AR)
Kid Draciel (No AR)
Dranzer V2
Dranzer G (AR Only)
Dragoon G
Orca Diver
Driger G
Strata Dragoon G
Driger S (No Base)
Dragoon S (Phantom Force)
Mechanical Dragon Dude (Its A Spirit Beyblade, AR Only)
Dranzer F
Master Driger
Seaborg 2

HMS: Advance Averazer
I have possibly one of the smallest collections here, lol
Dranzer V2
Driger V2
Dragoon V2
Master Dranzer
Dranzer F AR
I'm probably going to miss some...

Entire Beyblades I have:
Driger S
Driger F (Normal and Green-Silver one)
Driger V
Driger V2
Driger G (x3)
Guardian Driger
Metal Driger (Hasbro ;_Wink
(...yes, I was one of those kids who had to have every beyblade of my favorite character from the anime.)
Draciel F
Draciel V
Draciel G
Master Draciel
Dragoon S
Dragoon V2
Dragoon G
Strata Dragoon V
Strata Dragoon G
Black Dranzer
Dranzer V
Dranzer G (Red)
Dranzer GT
Wolborg 3
Wolborg 4
Flash Leopard 2
Death Driger

Driger MS (x2)
Strata Dragoon MS
Dranzer MS
Draciel MS
Einstein MS
Death Gargoyle MS
Sea Dragon
Wyvern DJ
Advance Averazer
Woldborg MS

All Beyblades are Hasbro (unfortunately). I have a lot more parts that don't make complete Beyblades (A Dragoon F AR, a Bearing Stinger Base, etc.).

It's depressing how many of them are mainstream (Dragoon, Dranzer, Draciel, Driger, Strata Dragoon). I feel like I was completely bought by Hasbro. ;_;
Damn Brad, I'd love one those Tornado Balances!

Let me list what I have before I get my new Blades.

Dragoon S (Clear Blue)
Jumping Base

Dragoon Hurricane Stadium


Dranzer MS x3
Wyvern DJ x2
Draciel MS

The rest I have are parts... D:

[Image: P8190170.jpg]
[Image: P8190177.jpg]
[Image: P8190178.jpg]

[Image: P8190176.jpg]

Hmmm, I just Noticed that I have a pretty fly camera! I could totally take part pics for the wiki!
I dont have to many sadly and some i have no clue what they are Joyful_3 I have never been able to remeber all of the names lol so sorry if I mess up on some of these.

I think mine are all Hasbro, except like one Driger that idk what it is.

Here are the ones I actually know:
Driger V2
Master Driger
Gaurdian Driger
Driger (the RC One)
Dranzer GT( two of them)
Dranzer Auto Change Balancer
Dragoon S (The Clear Blue one)
Flash Leopard (MG)
Wing Attacker
Wolborg 2 Hyperblade Special Edition

I have others that I ordered and am waiting for like some of the MFB, Dark Driger, and Ultimate Frostic Dranzer =/

My friend has more then I do XD
(Jun. 20, 2008  1:15 AM)Kei Wrote: HMS:
Dragoon MS
Dragoon MS UV (3 Proto Grey versions and an extra AR)
Gaia Dragoon MS (4, one white version)
Driger MS (2)
Draciel MS
Dranzer MS (Black version)
Wolborg MS (3, one RC broken)
Wyvern DJ (blue)
Death Gargoyle MS (3)
Advance Guardian (+one extra AR)
Advance Averazer (2, one white version)
Advance Striker (2)
Dark Leopard MS
Samurai Changer (2, one red version)
Jiraiya MS
Phantom Fox MS
Round Shell MS
Slash Riger MS
Bloody Devil MS


Added in Dragoon MS UV x3 and my MFB.

Still too lazy to make a list of my plastics.
wooooooooooooooo Grin

Whole blades: Gaia Dragoon MS

Parts: Upper Fox( Phantom Fox MS AR), Manual Change core(Chipped in two places), Dragoon MSUV (AR) Flat Core(GDMS Version), CWD Defense Ring 17 g, CWD Circle Attack(or whatever the hell Phantom Fox's CWD is) Driger S' AR. Advance Averazer's AR, Metal Change Core(broken)

Stadiums: Mobile Stadium(I want to take off 3 of the walls)*NOT TAKARA*

Mind as well put a want list.

Most of the Gimmick Series
and the MFB

Yes, I love me some HMS. I came into the game relatively late.
(Aug. 28, 2008  2:10 AM)AnnieDuck Wrote: Brad's HMS collection. I sorted them last night.

[Image: IMG_4844.jpg]

Rockblade, that is exactly what I thought when I first saw it XD
Must be at least a hundred dollars worth of stuff there
Imagine Brad's plastic collection now.
(Aug. 28, 2008  10:18 PM)Elmo Wrote: Imagine Brad's plastic collection now.

It's honestly kind of scary.
(Aug. 28, 2008  10:21 PM)AnnieDuck Wrote:
(Aug. 28, 2008  10:18 PM)Elmo Wrote: Imagine Brad's plastic collection now.

It's honestly kind of scary.

I was scared enough by the amount of prizes he bought for BND!. o__o
cant wait to see his plastic collection!!!
Annie is sorting that right now LOL
(Aug. 29, 2008  4:40 AM)rockblade2012 Wrote: post pics

Calm Down Chocked

They will when everything's sorted.
my collection. more to come in the mail tmorow ill post picks
(Aug. 29, 2008  4:44 AM)Synesthesia Wrote:
(Aug. 29, 2008  4:40 AM)rockblade2012 Wrote: post pics

Calm Down Chocked

They will when everything's sorted.

i will, sorry. lol
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I'm away at college now and my blades are at home, so I might be missing a few. My beyblade collection is really "old school". I really love bit chip covers Wink

I'm only listing my old and/or rare "collection" beyblades, not the ones that I use.

Ultimate Dragoon (arena starter set special edition, gold colored weight disk)
Ultimate Dragoon (gold metallic promo)
Ultimate Dragoon (black coro-coro promo with magnet wd)
Saizo (purple promo, new mold)
Saizo (purple, random booster 1)
Ultimate Frostic Dranzer
Megaro Arm
Makendo (original mold, 1999 release, not 2002 re-release)
Polta (original mold, 1999 release, not 2002 re-release)
Roller Defenser
Bearing Stinger (Metal Dragoon in Japan)
Bearing Stinger clear (not sure if this is a promo or an old random booster prize)
Bound attacker
Bound defenser
Auto Change Ballancer
Draciel metal ball defenser
Sparkling Attacker
Sparkling Attacker (blue anodized panasonic promo)
Bearing gyro magical stander
Bearing gyro magical ballancer
Bearing gyro (forgot name)
Death driger
Dranzer F (black, spinning arena exclusive)
Dragoon S(#34, old form with blue decals)
wing attacker
wing defenser
Dragoon S (A-1, new form with red decals)
Dragoon S (clear yellow promo)
Dranzer S
Draciel S
Draciel S (clear yellow promo)
knight dranzer
master driger
master draciel
kid's draciel
kid's dragoon
driger S
master dranzer
metal draciel
gaia dragoon (original coro-coro promo purple)
gaia dragoon (yellow)
gaia dragoon (blue)
gaia dragoon (black)
gaia dragoon (red)
galeon attacker
spike lizard
desert sphynxer
blizzard orthrus
Uriel 2

spark knight (clear yellow, new mold)
megaro arm (clear, old mold)
roller attacker
grip attacker

I have most of the V, V2, G, GT series, but these are all in very bad condition from heavy use. I only have a couple HMS blades.
I am jealous. There are more than a few of those that I wish I owned!
(Aug. 28, 2008  2:10 AM)AnnieDuck Wrote: Brad's HMS collection. I sorted them last night.

[Image: IMG_4844.jpg]

I have exactly the same calculator!
Great collection!