Beyblade Club?

Hi, just posting to ask whether I should start a Beyblade Club at my school (I'm in year 9). The thing is you can start clubs as long as you have a teachers permission and i know a few people who beyblade already and I'm almost sure there are more (i found a face bolt on school grounds and it didn't belong to anyone i know), a year before, someone started a Pokemon club, but that wasn't very successful, I'm just worried if anyone would call me "Childish" or if i would be bullied (I that case, I'll beyblade all over their face XD )
If i did start one I'll bring in a stadium or two, a few beys and give people a chance to customize and battle the blades then I'll show them bits of each episode at the end.
My only worries are that:
1)i'll get bullied for sure,
2)stuff might get nicked.

Please HELPConfused!!!!!
Depends , Since your worried about getting bullied, i would suggest you get a big enough community for BeyBlade
so you guys won't get bullied since theres only 4-5 bullies in school, A Beyblade club is excellent in my opinion, I mean you can make tournaments in your own school! or mini tournaments. Wish i was in your school Tongue_out i would help you for sure. Don't worry about people calling YOU Childish theirs alot of adults that reviews toys and if you heard of BBG their adults yet they still play beyblades and have fun!
Thanks for the advice, I'll try and find more people who play beyblade and who will support meWink, maybe i can start with the owner of that face bolt...