Beyblade Burst Overdrive

Chapter 20: A Champion's Power! Part 1
Colin looked up and there he was. Valt Aoi. He remembered watching his battle against Shu a few years before, remembering every detail. Valt stood there, holding his new beyblade. "Hey! My name's Valt Aoi, and here's my bey! Champion Valkyrie!
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Chapter 21: A Champion's Power! Part 2
"Wait, what?!" said Colin "Yep, It's me, in the flesh!" explained Valt. "I challenge you to a battle with Overdrive Crusher!" said Colin. "I always accept challenges! Your on!" replied Valt. Both bladers got ready to battle. "I'll judge!" said Roan. "This will be a first to 2 point battle! Burst finishes are 2 points, and all other finishes are 1 point. Ready and Set! "3! 2! 1! LET IT RIP!" Crusher was in right spin balance mode and claimed the middle while Valkyrie was circling the tornado ridge. "Valkyrie, use rush launch!" Valkyrie started a constant flower pattern, and within 5 seconds, Crusher was out of the stadium. "Valt Aoi with an over finish! The score is 1-0!" yelled Roan. Colin started to wonder what happened. Valkyrie was too strong to be defended, so his only chance was attacking Valkyrie head on. "Alright, you win that round. You won't be so lucky next time though!" Valt laughed. "We'll see" said Valt. "Next Battle! Ready and set!" "3! 2! 1! LET IT RIP!"
Chapter 22: A Champion's Power! Part 3
Valkyrie zoomed around the tornado ridge while Crusher took an unusual path to the middle. "Now Crusher, Overdrive Defense!" said Colin. A barrier formed around Crusher, almost making it invincible. "That won't stop me! Go Valkyrie! Champion rush launch!" yelled Valt. Valkyrie started barraging Crusher with it's vigorous attacks. In a matter of seconds, Crusher burst. "No way!" yelled Colin. "Who's that Valt?" Colin turned around and saw Shu Kurenai. "What?! Your Shu Kurenai! I saw your battle with Valt!" "I'm ashamed of how I acted in that battle, so please don't talk about it." Valt leaned towards Colin and started to whisper. "Shu is very sensitive about that battle,so please don't bring it up" "I heard you use your new move. Was this the kid you battled?" asked Shu. "Yep, and he's strong! "Well Valt, dinner was just dropped off at our rooms, so come eat whenever your ready." "I'm ready now!" said Valt, and him and Shu walked away. On the way back to their rooms, Valt had a talk with Shu. "That kid. He has great potential, but he doesn't realize it. Him and his friends might be us and the other members of Beigoma Academy X."
Chapter 23: Arrival! Beigoma Academy X!
Valt and Shu entered the room Beigoma Academy X was sharing. "Guys, we might actually have some competition" said Valt. Everyone looked up. "You mean they might stand up to our new beyblades? Asked Daigo. "Yep. They'll probably beat all of us" said Valt. "Me and Chain Kerbeus might stand a chance" said one of Ken's puppets. "And me and Reaper Deathscyther can slam them out of the stadium! They're no threat to all of us!" said Daigo. "Valt, let's battle! I'll show you I can beat anyone! said Daigo. "Challenge accepted!" said Valt. They both walked out of the room and to the nearest stadium. "Deathscyther, we'll win this time!" said Daigo. "Nope, me and Valkyrie will pulverize you!" said Valt. "3! 2! 1! LET IT RIP!" At 1, Daigo Jumped into the air and rush launched Deathscyther. "Now! Reaper strike!" said Daigo. Deathscyther landed straight onto valkyrie, and it sent Valkyrie flying. "You can win this Valkyrie! Counter with Champion's Slash! Valkyrie moved to the tornado ridge, gained speed, and slammed right into Deathscyther. Deathscyther appeared in front of Daigo. "Are you really going to let me be defeated?" asked Deathscyther. "No! We will win!" responded Daigo. "Then act like it and beat Valt!" And just like that, Deathscyther disappeared."Deathscyther! Hnag in there!" yelled Daigo. Deathscyther started to scrape the stadium, but it managed to remain in the stadium. "How?!" said Valt. "Now! Reaper Counter Strike!" yelled Daigo. Deathscyther's and Valkyrie's avatar appeared over the beys as they headed towards the middle for an epic clash. Deathscyther swung it's scythe at Valkyrie, and Valkyrie couldn't defend itself. Valkyrie was knocked out of the stadium, and as it hit the floor, it burst."I told you I was strong enough" said Daigo, and slowly walked away.
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Chapter 24: The Tournament begins!
The next morning, the boat had arrived at Japan. "We're finally here!" said Kenny. "Where is our place?" asked Roan. At that moment, Kai got off of the boat and walked up to them. "I'm leaving the team" "WHAT?!" responded everyone else. "Yes, and I'm going to find my new team" said Kai. Then he slowly walked off. "We don't need him anyway" remarked Sky. "I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT! KAI IS LEAVING AGAIN AND YOU DON'T CARE?!" responded Kenny. "Take a break chief. She doesn't know a thing about Kai" said Tyson. "I guess your right. Sorry" said Kenny. "Let's find out where the tournament will be held!" said Colin. They all agreed with him and found the coliseum, where the first round was about to begin. "Alright bladers! The first battle will be between the Bladebreakers and Team Xcalibur!" said the announcer. "That's us! said Colin, and he bolted to the stadium. Everyone else followed except for Kenny, he couldn't keep up. "Wait!" said Kenny. "Who will Team Xcalibur and the Bladebreakers select as their first competitor? "I'll go first! said Colin, and he placed his beylogger on the machine. Meanwhile, Team Xcalibur was still deciding. "I'll go" Said Xhan. He placed his beylogger on the machine. "Alright folks! The first match has been deciding! The first match of the tournament will be Colin and Overdrive Crusher Versus Xhan and Blitz Xcalibur! "We'll win this" said Colin. "We'll see about that" said Xhan. "Ready and set! 3! 2! 1! LET IT RIP!
Chapter 25: The Awakening!
Crusher zoomed straight towards the middle while Xcalibur started to make a flower pattern. "Blitz launch Xcalibur!" yelled Xhan. Xcalibur attacked Crusher over and over, until Crusher was fling out of the stadium. "And there we have it! 1 point to Xhan with a ring out finish!" yelled the announcer. Crusher then appeared before Colin. "At this rate, your going to lose. I recommend launching harder to activate the Overdrive wings." Crusher then disappeared as fast as it appeared. "I told you I would win!" said Xhan. "Don't count your chickens before they hatch" said Colin. "Alrighty folks! Time to start the second battle! "3! 2! 1! LET IT RIP!" At the last second, Colin changed Crusher to counter-clockwise rubber attack mode and tilted his launcher downward, giving it a huge surge in attack power. Crusher hit the stadium floor, and as it did, the Overdrive wings came out. Now! Overdrive launch!" yelled Colin. "Counter with Blitz rush!" yelled Xhan. Both beyblades attacked each other vigorously. "CRUSHER! HANG IN THERE!' yelled Colin. "You too Xcalibur!" yelled Xhan. Both beyblades attacked each other into the air, but something just wasn't right. It looked like Crusher's Overdrive wings were pushed back in. Both beyblades collided one more time before both falling back to the stadium. "Xcalibur! Hit the bottom of the stadium with Sword Blitz! Xcalibur's sword hit the stadium, causing a huge vibration throughout the stadium. Just as Crusher landed, it burst from the strong vibrations."WOW, AND THERE WE HAVE IT! Xhan wins 3-0! The overall team scores are now 1-0! Colin couldn't believe it. He was filled with anger and sadness at the same time. As Colin raised his head and looked at Xhan, he awakened his Sharingan. "What are your eyes doing?!!!" asked Xhan, filled with fear. "This is the Sharingan, and I possess it because I'm a member of the Uchiha Clan."
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It was in the manga. Valt and Shu got Valkyrie V1 and Spriggan S1 in a store