Beyblade Burst Masters

So I will keep everybody updated on this thing which is a new series and the 
Drake Takeshi is now the successor of Drum Koryu who became the world champion in the Gachi era and later retired after facing a lot of competition from New Generation Era. The New Generation Era is an era where the Beyblades are empowered by a metal known as giranium which is the strongest metal. Drake upgrades Ace/Grand/ Rock Dragon (which he received from Drum) into Flash Dragonix. This story is a small glimpse of Drake's way to the top.

Character Description No. 1
Bey : Flash Dragonix 15Groove Fist
Drake is a character who is optimistic and has taken inspiration from Drum and Valt. Valt yes, SPOILER ALERT FOR CHAPTER 1 - Drake battles Valt as his first opponent. Drake loves pizzas and can even demand for pizzas as a tournament prize. Overall, Drake is like Valt S1.
I thought you would keep us updated
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So so so sorry, I had just left WBO for a couple of months.

Beyblade Burst Masters

It was a pretty quiet winter, all you could see was empty roads and calmness in the nature of snow, but at one place the enthusiasm was at top level. Far off, in a Beypark, two bladers are seen battling each other. The one with the longer hair knocks the opponent's bey out.

"No improvement in you yet. You know what, I feel you are a disgrace to me as a friend. All you expect me to do is to cover your back. I have had enough of you. I will say it on your face, you are probably the worst blader, I have ever met. It's been 12 months since we are training but nothing from you." says the one with the longer hair, Lee Kozuna.

Lee is the state champion and has headlined the national finals for two years in a row. He was the first one in Japan to create a Hatsu (new gen) beyblade. He owns Fang Leonis 16 Bearing'. Ever since he created a hatsu bey for himself, Drake, his friend and his rival, wants to create one too. Lee leaves the beypark and smirks at Drake.

"Am I really a loser ? Do I have no place in this bey world ?" Drake questioned himself. He glanced at his Hazard Amaterios and found it to broken. "Damn, I will go to Hutoshi. He will fix it." He said to himself.

Drake Takeshi ran back to his brother, Hutoshi Takeshi. Hutoshi owned a beystore. "Bro, I need a repair. Right now." Drake told Hutoshi about Lee and asked him to repair his bey.

"Nope, not happening."
"What for?"

"You are not battling with that piece of carp. I made you something." Hutoshi showed him something. It was a new bey. A freakin' Hatsu bey. Drake could recall some parts, it was of Ace Dragon.

Drake went back to recall his memories. He could see Drum standing in front of him. Drum slowly extends his hands and lends Drake, his Dragon bey. He says," I have got enough, it is your turn to shine."

"Earth to Drake." Drake comes out of the past. "This is Flash Dragonix 15Groove Fist. "
"WHOAAA ! Such beautiful." Drake responded.

Someone came through the door. (Spoiler Alert :NOT VALT) It was Drake's friend, Romaro Kiyama. Yes, another Kiyama. He walked in and bragged about the jacket he is wearing which is pretty similar to Rantaro's. He owned Demon Ragnaruk 13Vortex Lamp.

"Seriously, rumour says you got a Hatsu bey. Because mine has a lot of giranium in it than yours. How 'bout we test your garbage and probably once again, I will beat you." Romaro said.

"Looks like I will have to bring you back to the real world. Challenge accepted."

Both Drake and Romaro took their positions, it was a two point match.

"3,2,1 Let It Rip." They both yelled in chorus. Dragonix went round in circles while Ragnaruk was performing the rush launch. Every hit was missing out by a centimeter. It seemed as if it was all upon the stamina right now. Dragonix had the advantage here as it had both attack and stamina while Ragnaruk was already running low on stamina.

"Huh, so you did get better, but don't worry. RAGNARUK !! Demon Rush." Romaro yelled. Ragnaruk paced towards Dragonix and sent it flying out of the stadium.

"O, is little Drake gonna cry now ? Don't worry I will stuff pizza in your mouth."
Drake grinned.

The second battle began. This time both were going for the inner circle. Dragonix gave the first hit, right into the corner. Ragnaruk came rushing towards the corner towards Dragonix but missed. Drake was trying his best. Drake started to bond with Dragonix and went to another world.

Drake could see Dragonix in front of him. "Come on, buddy. I know we can win this. He is just exaggerating his powers." He said and came back to the battle. And after giving some brutal hits,
"Go Dragonix, Special Move, 'Born Lethal'." Dragonix moved in a linear pattern and all of a sudden, Dragonix spun to the left and gave Ragnaruk a brutal hit which sent it out of the stadium

"NOOOO WAY !! How did you do that ?" Romaro was awestruck. Hutoshi came over to praise Drake and all of a sudden, a 16 year old boy emerged from the main gate.

"Ha ya. This a world level player, Valt Aoi. I needed some repair." Valt entered the beystore fancying his orange jacket. " My King Valkyrie 17Bump Evolution' just got a bit chipped."

Drake's eyes were about to pop out, he was seeing his idol, he ran over and fell right into his feet. He stood up and said, " You'll get it repaired only if you battle me."
"And me." Romaro added.

Valt looked at them in surprise and nodded his head while Drake and Romaro celebrated in joy.

PREVIEW FOR EPISODE 2 - Romaro battles Valt and after that battle Drake battles Valt. Drake goes to his school and finds someone at his beyclub looking for an opponent with a Hatsu bey and Drake agrees to battle him.

Edit - Drake's special move is not Born Lethal, it is Double Spin Destruction.

Episode 2 - Release date - 14/08/19 Tomorrow.
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Beyblade Burst Masters

Valt nods his head and agrees Drake’s and Romaro’s challenge. “Looking at you lads it seems as if you are skilled. Let’s find out. Who’s first?” Valt asks.
“Me.” Both yell at the same time.
“Jinx” Romaro jinxed Drake.
Romaro stands in front of the stadium.
“I hope you are up to your brother’s level.” Valt said.
“I am even better.”
Both took their stances at the stadium while Drake watched closely and Hitoshi refereed.
“3...2...1... Let It Rip.”
Both Ragnaruk and Valkyrie went flying in the stadiums. Both were circling each other and the first blow was given by Valkyrie.
“Go King Valkyrie.” Valt motivated his bey.
“Not so fast, Ragnaruk, Ultimate GyroDefense.”
Ragnaruk immediately slowed down and took the centre. The blades moved out of the layer swiftly and protected the layer from getting bursted. Valkyrie hit a solid barrage of attacks but it was waste.
“Now, Ragnaruk, FIRE UP!!” Ragnaruk came alive and attacked Valkyrie with the Ragnaruk blades. There was a layer of dust surrounding the stadium.
“Ha, Obviously Valkyrie would have bursted for now.” Romaro bragged.
The dust disappeared Ragnarukhad bursted while Valkyrie was spinning around it.
“Unbelievable. I think I am going to faint now.” Romaro was in disgust.
“So, Drake hit the stadium.” Valt called up Drake.
Both of them were in the stance. Drake’s legs were extended while Valt was planning to release Valkyrie from a greater height.
“3...2...1... Let It Rip.”

Dragonix came through the centre to Valt’s side which resulted in Valkyrie hitting Dragonix with its driver. Dragonix lost a lot of spin due to this.
Valkyrie went in rounds while Dragonix took the centre with very little speed. Valt gave Dragonix couple of hits. Dragonix was about to lose all of its spin when all of a sudden,
“Valkyrie, The King’s sword.” The sword and the crown on Valkyrie’s layer hit Dragonix in an alternative repetition to burst Dragonix.
Valt’s move was mind boggling. Drake had no idea where he was. He had lost again, he could not believe it.
“Oh, well tried guys but you will have to up your game a bit, anyways, there is the national tournament next week, so I hope you are participating because I am the selector.” Valt said and bid goodbyes to Drake, Romaro and Hutoshi.
“I don’t know how he did that.” Romaro said to Drake, who was perplexed and totally confused.
The next morning, it was Monday and like every kid, Drake had to go to school. He left to school. And school for him was boring as usual
He would look out the window, imagining and thinking about all those moves Valt performed. He still couldn’t find any science behind that.
The bell rang and Drake picked up his backpack and dashed down to the beypark. It was totally empty but all of a sudden, a figure emerged from the shadow.
“Where’s Lee, Isn’t this the place where he trains?” He asked.
“He used to.” Drake replied.
“I guess I wasted my time to find competition.” He said and was walking off when all of a sudden, “I challenge you.” Drake yelled from behind.
“As you wish.” He said and grinned a lot.

PREVIEW FOR EPISODE 3 – Drake battles the unknown person while the Nationals have commenced. What all challenges lie in front of Drake?

Episode 3 Release Date - 16/8/19