Beyblade Burst Masters

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Drake Takeshi is now the successor of Drum Koryu who became the world champion in the Gachi era and later retired after facing a lot of competition from New Generation Era. The New Generation Era is an era where the Beyblades are empowered by a metal known as giranium which is the strongest metal. Drake upgrades Ace/Grand/ Rock Dragon (which he received from Drum) into Flash Dragonix. This story is a small glimpse of Drake's way to the top.

Character Description No. 1
Bey : Flash Dragonix 15Groove Fist
Drake is a character who is optimistic and has taken inspiration from Drum and Valt. Valt yes, SPOILER ALERT FOR CHAPTER 1 - Drake battles Valt as his first opponent. Drake loves pizzas and can even demand for pizzas as a tournament prize. Overall, Drake is like Valt S1.
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Beyblade Burst Masters

It was a pretty quiet winter, all you could see was empty roads and calmness in the nature of snow, but at one place the enthusiasm was at top level. Far off, in a Beypark, two bladers are seen battling each other. The one with the longer hair knocks the opponent's bey out.

"No improvement in you yet. You know what, I feel you are a disgrace to me as a friend. All you expect me to do is to cover your back. I have had enough of you. I will say it on your face, you are probably the worst blader, I have ever met. It's been 12 months since we are training but nothing from you." says the one with the longer hair, Lee Kozuna.

Lee is the state champion and has headlined the national finals for two years in a row. He was the first one in Japan to create a Hatsu (new gen) beyblade. He owns Fang Leonis 16 Bearing'. Ever since he created a hatsu bey for himself, Drake, his friend and his rival, wants to create one too. Lee leaves the beypark and smirks at Drake.

"Am I really a loser ? Do I have no place in this bey world ?" Drake questioned himself. He glanced at his Hazard Amaterios and found it to broken. "Damn, I will go to Hutoshi. He will fix it." He said to himself.

Drake Takeshi ran back to his brother, Hutoshi Takeshi. Hutoshi owned a beystore. "Bro, I need a repair. Right now." Drake told Hutoshi about Lee and asked him to repair his bey.

"Nope, not happening."
"What for?"

"You are not battling with that piece of carp. I made you something." Hutoshi showed him something. It was a new bey. A freakin' Hatsu bey. Drake could recall some parts, it was of Ace Dragon.

Drake went back to recall his memories. He could see Drum standing in front of him. Drum slowly extends his hands and lends Drake, his Dragon bey. He says," I have got enough, it is your turn to shine."

"Earth to Drake." Drake comes out of the past. "This is Flash Dragonix 15Groove Fist. "
"WHOAAA ! Such beautiful." Drake responded.

Someone came through the door. (Spoiler Alert :NOT VALT) It was Drake's friend, Romaro Kiyama. Yes, another Kiyama. He walked in and bragged about the jacket he is wearing which is pretty similar to Rantaro's. He owned Demon Ragnaruk 13Vortex Lamp.

"Seriously, rumour says you got a Hatsu bey. Because mine has a lot of giranium in it than yours. How 'bout we test your garbage and probably once again, I will beat you." Romaro said.

"Looks like I will have to bring you back to the real world. Challenge accepted."

Both Drake and Romaro took their positions, it was a two point match.

"3,2,1 Let It Rip." They both yelled in chorus. Dragonix went round in circles while Ragnaruk was performing the rush launch. Every hit was missing out by a centimeter. It seemed as if it was all upon the stamina right now. Dragonix had the advantage here as it had both attack and stamina while Ragnaruk was already running low on stamina.

"Huh, so you did get better, but don't worry. RAGNARUK !! Demon Rush." Romaro yelled. Ragnaruk paced towards Dragonix and sent it flying out of the stadium.

"O, is little Drake gonna cry now ? Don't worry I will stuff pizza in your mouth."
Drake grinned.

The second battle began. This time both were going for the inner circle. Dragonix gave the first hit, right into the corner. Ragnaruk came rushing towards the corner towards Dragonix but missed. Drake was trying his best. Drake started to bond with Dragonix and went to another world.

Drake could see Dragonix in front of him. "Come on, buddy. I know we can win this. He is just exaggerating his powers." He said and came back to the battle. And after giving some brutal hits,
"Go Dragonix, Special Move, 'Born Lethal'." Dragonix moved in a linear pattern and all of a sudden, Dragonix spun to the left and gave Ragnaruk a brutal hit which sent it out of the stadium

"NOOOO WAY !! How did you do that ?" Romaro was awestruck. Hutoshi came over to praise Drake and all of a sudden, a 16 year old boy emerged from the main gate.

"Ha ya. This a world level player, Valt Aoi. I needed some repair." Valt entered the beystore fancying his orange jacket. " My King Valkyrie 17Bump Evolution' just got a bit chipped."

Drake's eyes were about to pop out, he was seeing his idol, he ran over and fell right into his feet. He stood up and said, " You'll get it repaired only if you battle me."
"And me." Romaro added.

Valt looked at them in surprise and nodded his head while Drake and Romaro celebrated in joy.

PREVIEW FOR EPISODE 2 - Romaro battles Valt and after that battle Drake battles Valt. Drake goes to his school and finds someone at his beyclub looking for an opponent with a Hatsu bey and Drake agrees to battle him.

Edit - Drake's special move is not Born Lethal, it is Double Spin Destruction.

Episode 2 - Release date - 14/08/19 Tomorrow.
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Beyblade Burst Masters

Valt nods his head and agrees Drake’s and Romaro’s challenge. “Looking at you lads it seems as if you are skilled. Let’s find out. Who’s first?” Valt asks.
“Me.” Both yell at the same time.
“Jinx” Romaro jinxed Drake.
Romaro stands in front of the stadium.
“I hope you are up to your brother’s level.” Valt said.
“I am even better.”
Both took their stances at the stadium while Drake watched closely and Hitoshi refereed.
“3...2...1... Let It Rip.”
Both Ragnaruk and Valkyrie went flying in the stadiums. Both were circling each other and the first blow was given by Valkyrie.
“Go King Valkyrie.” Valt motivated his bey.
“Not so fast, Ragnaruk, Ultimate GyroDefense.”
Ragnaruk immediately slowed down and took the centre. The blades moved out of the layer swiftly and protected the layer from getting bursted. Valkyrie hit a solid barrage of attacks but it was waste.
“Now, Ragnaruk, FIRE UP!!” Ragnaruk came alive and attacked Valkyrie with the Ragnaruk blades. There was a layer of dust surrounding the stadium.
“Ha, Obviously Valkyrie would have bursted for now.” Romaro bragged.
The dust disappeared Ragnarukhad bursted while Valkyrie was spinning around it.
“Unbelievable. I think I am going to faint now.” Romaro was in disgust.
“So, Drake hit the stadium.” Valt called up Drake.
Both of them were in the stance. Drake’s legs were extended while Valt was planning to release Valkyrie from a greater height.
“3...2...1... Let It Rip.”

Dragonix came through the centre to Valt’s side which resulted in Valkyrie hitting Dragonix with its driver. Dragonix lost a lot of spin due to this.
Valkyrie went in rounds while Dragonix took the centre with very little speed. Valt gave Dragonix couple of hits. Dragonix was about to lose all of its spin when all of a sudden,
“Valkyrie, The King’s sword.” The sword and the crown on Valkyrie’s layer hit Dragonix in an alternative repetition to burst Dragonix.
Valt’s move was mind boggling. Drake had no idea where he was. He had lost again, he could not believe it.
“Oh, well tried guys but you will have to up your game a bit, anyways, there is the national tournament next week, so I hope you are participating because I am the selector.” Valt said and bid goodbyes to Drake, Romaro and Hutoshi.
“I don’t know how he did that.” Romaro said to Drake, who was perplexed and totally confused.
The next morning, it was Monday and like every kid, Drake had to go to school. He left to school. And school for him was boring as usual
He would look out the window, imagining and thinking about all those moves Valt performed. He still couldn’t find any science behind that.
The bell rang and Drake picked up his backpack and dashed down to the beypark. It was totally empty but all of a sudden, a figure emerged from the shadow.
“Where’s Lee, Isn’t this the place where he trains?” He asked.
“He used to.” Drake replied.
“I guess I wasted my time to find competition.” He said and was walking off when all of a sudden, “I challenge you.” Drake yelled from behind.
“As you wish.” He said and grinned a lot.

PREVIEW FOR EPISODE 3 – Drake battles the unknown person while the Nationals have commenced. What all challenges lie in front of Drake?

Episode 3 Release Date - 16/8/19
Beyblade Burst Masters
Episode 3: The Poison, Venom Pythonius!!!

Drake challenged the unknown personality without hesitation. The challenger was amazed and started grinning. “You don’t wanna see your bey break, kid. Just tell me where Lee is and I won’t break your bey.” He said.
“Oh, are you worried about breaking my bey, you should be worried of yours.” Drake countered. All of a sudden, a figure came running to him. It was Romaro.
“What the hell are you doing with this nutshell?” Romaro questioned Drake.
“You know this guy?”
“Of course, my archrival, Paddy Paddington and the guy whom I thrashed in the national finals.” Romaro boasted.
“Sucker, that happened because the referee was a psycho. We can do it, right now and see who the loser is.” Paddy challenged Romaro.
Both of them were as focused as if they were in between a meditation. They did not even blink. So bitter was their rivalry and so strong was their passion to beat each other.
They pulled out their launchers. Romaro was using the ripcord launcher on the grip while Paddy was using the left spin launcher on the karabiner grip for his left spin Pythonius.
3...2...1... Let it Rip!!!
They launched full power as their beys reached the stadium circling around each other in the stadium. Venom Pythonius 17 Dungeon was a left spin defense type. It was easily visible that Paddy was attached to his Beyblade. Drake watched in awe as Pythonius and Ragnaruk gave each other storming blows.
Pythonius did not take the centre and instead let Ragnaruk take it. Paddy grinned showing off his sharp canines.
“Pythonius, Trajectory Switch. All of a sudden, the point on the Dungeon driver vanished. Pythonius went full rage. It started going rush launch with hitting the edges each time it hit Ragnaruk. Paddy kept on grinning.
“Pythonius, Finish it, Last Poison.” Pythonius emerged from the bey and Pythonius had reached 3 clicks. The layer revealed the fangs and hit Ragnaruk immediately for a ring out finish.
Romaro stood in disgust as Ragnaruk exited the stadium and fell on the ground.
“Where’s the attitude now, sucker?” Paddy mocked Romaro.
Romaro picked up Ragnaruk and with tears in his eyes, he ran backwards to wall.
“What happened, you give up already?” Paddy interrogated.
Instead Romaro held out his launcher. Paddy too pulled out his karabiner grip.
3... Romaro came running, 2... Romaro jumped on the trampoline nearby, 1...Let It Rip!!! Both launched their beyblades. Ragnaruk flew in the air and jumped a lot causing serious damage to Pythonius.
“Yeah, now that’s what I am talking about...sucker.” Romaro mocked while Paddy grew red out of anger.
Pythonius somehow, held on and eventually reached 3 clicks. Pythonius revealed the deadly fangs. Paddy shouted, “Last Poison.” Even after seeing this, Romaro smiled, terrifying Paddy.
“Not done yet, Ragnaruk, Ultimate GyroDefense.” Romaro exclaimed. Ragnaruk’s shields popped out defending it from Pythonius’s fangs.
The blow was so hard that the bladers fell to the ground. “Both beys are almost zero in stamina but Pythonius has the advantage as it has better life after death, but Ragnaruk has given it a lot of hard hits, so it is prone to burst now.” Drake wondered, which side victory will go to.
Pythonius was in the centre while Ragnaruk was proceeding to attack it. “Go, Ragnaruk!!!” Romaro shouted even though he was on his knees. Ragnaruk was moving and lost spin. Just a split second later, Pythonius bursted. But as Ragnaruk lost spin first, Pythonius won, 3-0.
Romaro had fainted while Paddy did not have the guts to get up and watch his bey lose. Paddy got up to find Pythonius victorious.
“Don’t be so happy, I challenge you right now, right here.” Drake challenge Paddy.
“Look, kid, I don’t have enough time to waste as I have to find Lee, but I don’t back out from fights. Challenge accepted.”

Preview for Episode 4: The Nationals have begin with the trials occurring, will Drake be able to make it after his battle with Paddy. Find out in Episode Four
Release Date: Unknown (Stay Updated)

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Beyblade Burst Master Episode 4
Red of Redemption!!!

Romaro lay on the ground watching the drama, he was sure Drake stood no chance against Paddy.
“Kid, I need to go looking for Lee, but I will do so after beating you. It will be a one point match.” Paddy created a condition.
“Done.” Drake said, “But if I beat you, you will battle Romaro too and let go of Lee.”
Paddy smirked and agreed. Both bladers took to the stadium. Hutoshi was the referee.
Drake thought, “I saw his moves, he is skilled but I can take him over, if I have that kind of defence.”
Drake took a stretch and tilted his launcher to 90 degree. It was astonishing. He was holding it in a different manner.
3...2...1...Let It Rip!!! Pythonius went flying while Dragonix was moving around in a wheel manner. That way, Dragonix would not even last for few seconds.
“Let’s finish this, Last Poison!!” Paddy exclaimed.
The wheel Dragonix and Pythonius attacked each other like two fierce bulls. The contact was so fast that sparks emerged from the stadium.
Both the beys threw themselves out. It was a draw.
Drake wondered again, “He’s not as weak as I thought. I just have to break the barrier of his ego and I will win.”
“What’s wrong sucker? I don’t have the whole day.” Paddy mocked.
They took their positions. Drake, now, tilted his launcher upside down.
“What the hell is wrong with you?” Romaro shouted from the bench.
3...2...1...Let It Rip!!! Dragonix was scratching against the stadium. Pythonius came rushing to it. It was following the flower pattern with it missing Dragonix every time.
“Pythonius, trajectory switch!!” Paddy called for his move. The rubber on Dungeon moved a bit switching its trajectory. Pythonius came rushing in towards Dragonix and knocked it out with ease.
“Thanks, I requested you for a short battle and you help me out a lot.” Paddy boasted and grinned and walked away.
Drake was on his knees with Dragonix in his hand. The layer was completely scratched off because of his carelessness.
“You should have been more careful. As for now, I will fix it.” Hutoshi came over and took it away for cleaning.
In the mean time, Drake got a message on his cell phone. It was from the national Beyblade committee. Oh No!! Today was the beginning of the nationals.
Drake picked up Dragonix from Hutoshi and ran along with Romaro to the Tokyo Indoor Stadium.
Drake was just in time, the registrations had just begun. The new system for registration was earning maximum points in the 5 minute battle challenge. All the competitors had to battle various people for 1 point. More the victories, more the points.
Drake and Romaro registered themselves. Meanwhile, they saw various clubs participating and the biggest club in Japan, the Hunger Hunters. The leader of Hunger Hunters was Finn Dezier, a rookie at last year’s national championship, who entered the semi finals but then lost to Lee.
Only 30 seconds were left for the 5 minute challenge. Drake was nervous, he was shaking. 3...2...1... Go Shoot!! The challenge begun, all stadiums were occupied. Drake quickly ran over to the empty stadium and knocked out many bladers consecutively, without losing. No bladers were a match for his Hatsu bey. The mysterious stranger, next to face Drake removed the cape. He had long pointed hair, a large red coat and a sword on his back. He took out his bey. It was an Xcalibur. It was Whip Xcalibur and the blader was none other than Xi Chan, the leader of the Shakadera Dojo. Drake pulled out his launcher. He knew he was not going to lose as only seven seconds were left.
3...2...1...Let It Rip. Only four seconds were left, the beys landed in the stadium, Whip Xcalibur 19Irish Stick was approaching Dragonix. The sword on the layer was pure giranium and knocked out Dragonix with one second left. He knocked out Dragonix in a record breaking 3 seconds. Drake was stunned but he knew he was easily in the top 8 as he defeated many bladers.
Drake turned to the large screen, he could also see, his former friend, Lee, near him. He wondered, how did Lee and his Leonis perform? He was shivering as he knew the winner of the nationals would get to battle Valt.
The Commentator announced the top 8,
“At number 8, we have Romaro Kiyama with 11 points, at number 7, Ryota Kurogami with 12 points, at number 6, Drake Takeshi with 14 points, at number 5,Paddy Paddington with 15 points, at number 4, Koji Konda with 20 points, at number 3, Finn Dezier with 22 points, at number 2, Xi Chan with 25 points and finally at number one, the runner up of last year’s national championships, the blader who has lost just twice in his professional career, Lee Kozuna with 50 points.” He announced.
Drake was stunned, first of all, he ended up at 6th place and secondly Lee topped the charts with 50 points which was 36 points more than Drake and lastly, what was Paddy doing there??
The Nationals have commenced, Drake is in the top 16 and has to face barriers to become known.
Preview for Episode 5- The Nationals begin with Valt’s speech. Drake is pitted up against Ryota Kurogami while Romaro is up against Lee. Other matchups include Paddy vs Xi and Finn vs Koji. The top 4 will prevail into the semis.
Episode 5 Release Date – Unknown(stay updated)

Edit- Wherever I have written top 16, it is top 8.

Any guesses, who will make it to the top four, the finals and who will be the victor??
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Character Description No.2
Bey : Fang Leonis 16 Bearing’
He has a calm side and an arrogant side. He is very impatient and annoyed. He is determined and is a very serious blader. He is experienced and was the runner up in the Nationals for two years consecutively. He has suffered just two losses in his professional career.

Character Description No.3
Bey: Demon Ragnaruk 13 Vortex Lamp
He is a fun character and loves playing around. He turns serious when he battles Paddy, his arch rival. His fun loving nature makes him enter the Nationals. His friendship with Drake is as strong as Rantaro’s with Valt or Ranjiro’s with Aiga. Just as his brothers, he is very loyal.
Episode 5 preview
Hanami: People, are you ready for an amazing battle royale for the top 8!!!
Drake,Lee,Paddy,Romaro,Ryota,Finn,Xi and Koji launch Dragonix, Leonis, Pythonius,Ragnaruk,Deathscyther, Fantom, Xcalibur and Horusood respectively in the multitude stadium. Lee turns dark and is possessed and calls for a dark move which surprises everyone. We see a man watching from the stands and 😏 smirking.

Release date: 25 March 2020 (Stay updated)

Episode 5 - The Wild Battle Royale

Drake is in deep sleep, he dreams of him and Dragonix talking to each other. "Drake, we can do this. We can win the nationals and then go on the quest to being the best around the world. I am with you till the end of the line, Drake." Dragonix says.

Drake wakes up and finds himself in his room and is running late for the top 8 battle. After a heavy dose of pizzas and soft drink, he slept out. He puts on his beyblade gear picks up Dragonix and rushes for his breakfast. He finds Hutoshi's notes which says that he has already left for the Nationals. The top 8 battle will take place in the WBBA quarters. There were still 10 minutes left. Drake ate a peanut butter sandwich and ran like Usain Bolt to the quarters. He was five minutes late but he made it.

He saw Lee taking a glimpse of Drake and gave him a look which said "Run away from here, otherwise I am going to finish your whole career." Drake gulped and moved down the stairs to the stadium. The top 8 were standing there. Finn was with his Hunger Hunters' teammates while Xi was talking to a tall, muscular man with red and spiky hair. He was about to go to Romaro, who was quaffling with Paddy as always but the muscular man stopped him. "So you are Drake. I am Xander Shakadera. Would you bother to meet me after this tournament?"

Drake was confused, he said,"You are Xander Shakadera? Leader of SB Rios?" Xander nodded. Drake picked up Xander's hand and shook it," It's an honour sir and I would be pleased to meet you after Nationals." Xander smiled and went back to Xi's pit.

"There you are. You ready for the battle royale?" Romaro came over and asked.
"Yep, as ready as I will ever be." He replied.

Paddy smirked at them and said, "You are so cringey. You should quit beyblade."
"Why don't you mind your thing? What do you do except for hissing with your baby snake." Romaro replied
"It's Pythonius, you fool." He said and took one side of the stadium, which was more of a dome shape and was covered on the top as well.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the top 8 battle of Nationals. Only the top two would qualify from here into the finals. The scouts from the top world teams are here to select the next gen of Beyblade. The stadium is the multitude stadium which can contain more than 100 beys. The last two standing will be top two and let me remind you, the winner of the Nationals will get a choice to join the team he wants to." Hanami says.

"Bladers, take position." The top 8 of Drake,Romaro,Paddy,Lee,Xi,Koji,Finn and Ryota took their stance in the multitude stadium.
"3...2..1 Let It Rip!!!" Dragonix,Ragnaruk,Pythonius,Leonis,Xcalibur, Holy Horusood, Fatal Fantom and Killer Deathscyther rushed to the stadium with Ragnaruk, Pythonius, Leonis and Horusood fighting for the centre while the others were freelancing on the rim.

Lee started turning dark as if he was being possessed by Leonis. "Enough, Time to kill, Leonis." He said in a demonic voice. "Predator Kill, now. FINISH THEM." The giranium less beys or Horusood and Deathscyther could not take the massive blow and were shattered into pieces. A part of the forge disk of Horusood crashed Ragnaruk and Pythonius, eliminating them.

"NOT FAIR!!" Romaro shrieked.

Drake was just glad that he made through the lethal blow of Leonis. He never imagined that Lee could turn out this destructive and he now finally knows that Lee was holding back when he used to battle Drake all this time.
" NICE STUFF, MANIAC." Finn called out to Lee.
"So be it, Leonis stab him through the heart." Leonis's resonance woke up and it was as dark as it could be. "Roar Bite, Leonis." Leonis followed Lee's instructions and took the centre, sending out supersonic waves due to the Bearing' driver. A crack appeared near the Canyon driver of the Fatal Fantom. Everyone gasps.