Beyblade Burst GT Episode #8 (May 24, 2019)

(May. 24, 2019  9:01 AM)renidage Wrote: [Image: bg_character__006.jpg]
Lodin Haijima
R.I.P Lui.
(May. 24, 2019  9:01 AM)renidage Wrote: [Image: bg_character__006.jpg]
Lodin Haijima
I like his design so fierce
Am I the only one who sees a lot of similarities between Lodin and Goku?
Other than that, why does he look so familiar to me!?
What the heck... I posted the watch link on the previous page, and someone was complaining about where the link is...

Everyone, for now on, I'll post the watch link on the first post as well as the most recent post.
I love how Lodin is literally just if Lui and Gou had a kid. He's unreasonably tall and buff like Gou but with the same stupid fashion sense as Lui. Its perfect, honestly. I can't wait to see more of him, as well as Fumiya and Joe. Just like Cho-Z, all the new main characters are wonderful and hopefully fan polls don't ruin the direction of the series like they did in Cho-Z, lol.
(May. 24, 2019  9:01 AM)renidage Wrote: [Image: bg_character__006.jpg]
Lodin Haijima

wow sooooo coooool!

both the character design and his bey
but the extra hair sucks

is lodin gonna be a antagonist or a deuteragonist?
I somehow missed it, what is the name of jokers owner?
(May. 25, 2019  9:45 PM)Ntruder19 Wrote: I somehow missed it, what is the name of jokers owner?

Joe Rurikawa
(May. 24, 2019  9:01 AM)renidage Wrote: [Image: bg_character__006.jpg]
Lodin Haijima

OML IS THAT THE NEW LONGINUS'S OWNER? HOLY F, JESUS. (Sorry for caps my mind is so blown rn) THIS IS LIKE A MIX OF XHAKA, GHASEM, KURTZ, LUI, and RED EYE! I cannot get over this. I thought the Cresent hair dude is the new owner of Longinus because he looks similar to Lui.
Okay, now he looks like someone that owns Zwei Longnius.
Joe is cool and all but damn am I starting to feel the 12 min. episode length.
Subs came out, thoughts.

Drum has Attack, Amane Defense, Ichika Balance, and Takane Stamina. Victories got the diverse in them, smart. Shame the latter two won't get upgrades.
Wait, Judgement Joker's a balance type? I thought he was an attack type?
That stadium looks so cool, Balance, Attack, and Defense types are going to have a freaking trip with it. Hope Fumiya's battles give me an excitement factor too.
Based on preview list, will Drum fight Lodon and then Fumiya fights Amane/Joe whoever makes it to the final battle?
To the person that said Lodon was going to be the Houi of the season, HAHAHAHAHA, no he isn't. Though his quirk of ripping his blade in the pool is both funny, and actually is a good training method.
So what's the whole thing about Joe's The Judgement being a double edged sword. Is that one of the blades has recoil or something like Gigant Gaia's inconsistencies or something else.
Ichika using a stamina keep away style of blading for a Balance type was oddly refreshing. Next time, run, then strike girl.
Nice consistency with the jerk from episode 1 returning.
Trick Roulette is giving me Legend Spriggan OP flashbacks.
Did Rock Crash remind anyone else of Metal Dragon Crush and Dragon Scream minus the 3 layer Burst requirement to activate?
Drum would have as much fun as I would on that stadium.
Fumiya's a prick desptie being the only Spark Devil to make it to the top 8. That level of arrogance is just a beautiful thing.
I thought Hakusan was a team rather than location otherwise I'd assume crescent head was his teammate.
We aren't going to get any minor characters that receive Nekata brothers fame are you.
(May. 29, 2019  6:01 AM)kimeru Wrote: What was lodin saying?
The pool isn't a place for running.