Beyblade Burst GT Episode #48 (February 28, 2020)

(Mar. 01, 2020  12:01 AM)HakaishinLDrago Wrote:
(Feb. 29, 2020  11:56 PM)TL14 Wrote: No offense, but I feel like you assume that your view is correct and is set in stone as a fact, yet you don't have any real counter arguments to the points that I brought up. That's like saying the leaves on the trees are yellow, when I say the leaves are green and I try to explain my point, yet you just say you are right, just because. That's just not how a dialog or a discussion should be in my personal opinion. The only "facts" that you were able to provide to back up your point of view, is the first google search result when you type "autism symptoms" in the search bar. Those are just the rare symptom exceptions of general Autism and they are very uncommon in ASD/Aspergers.

I did some searching (with the help of a friend) and the closest thing I could find that Gwynn shows is Savant Syndrome so I guess you're not entirely wrong. Anyway let's get back to the topic of this thread because I don't want anyone to feel attacked by what was said.

Yes, you are correct. However the Savant Syndrome is most commonly a diagnosis that comes together with the Aspergers Syndrome / Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Also, yes, we should get back on track. Autism can be a sensitive subject for some people, even tho it has now also become quite common in popular culture and there's even an Autism Awareness month, which is April and dedicated towards making people more familiar with this double edged sword. I have Autism myself and everyone I talked to privately says that Autism is not nescesarly always a bad thing as it also has positive traits. Sometimes difficulties in live can make people to exceed their limit in previously unknown ways. I think without my "disability" I wouldn't be the person I am today and I wouldn't have come this far in Beyblade or my life in general. I am happy and grateful for who I am and I am glad to be special. Anyways, I am rambling again and I don't want to offend anyone, so I will let this topic rest for now. Smile