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Was it ever explained why
switched his beyblade to Screw Fox TR145W2D from Flame Byxis 230WD? Did he consider it evil or something?
There's too much of a past with Flame Byxis. Plus it might as well have ruined his social and self image, if any large population (Civilians, other bladers) had caught up to what happened in Season 2 (Explosion). Also him and his friends lives were at stake.
So is Masamune an American? Since he is best friends with Zeo and Toby, Zeo and Toby are American (I'm assuming since they are on team Starbreakers), Masamune has known Zeo since they were young children, and he went back to America with Zeo and Toby?
I believe Masamune is Japanese-American.

Anyways, according to the Beyblade family tree, Flame Sagittario and Flame Libra are brothers, and what I'm asking is what other Beyblades are included in the family tree since Storm Pegasus was the progenitor?
It said Rock Leone was early on (there was an image early on IIRC, can't remember where I saw it. Think it was that episode where Ryu comes back and takes off his mask as Phoenix.), which explains why it was so powerful. Pretty much the Season 1 beys were shown in there.
Say, if L-Drago was the forbidden attack-type Bey, and Basalt Horogium is the forbidden defense-type Bey, then wouldn't there be a forbidden stamina-type Bey?
Is there a Metal Fight Beyblade OST? What's the name of the music that starts playing at 6:30 and finish at 7:08 in this video :
There is unfortunately absolutely no soundtrack available for Metal Fight Beyblade. That music likely has no title.
How did Rago and the Nemesis Bladers get locked up in that cave in the first place?

I have a revelation for everyone who watched Beyblade G Revolution ... It was always thought that Justice 5 ended with suspense, without knowing who won between Takao and Brooklyn because that did not matter anymore : both of them were playing with passion, for fun.

But no, officially Team BBA Revolution won.

Climax Break.
Kai-V, thank you sooooo much. I was just going to ask that question, hah.
EDIT: Kai-V has infected me with her short hah, hah.
Say, could that old man who sent the ancient Solar System Bladers against Nemesis in the ancient past be Zeus, as in Zeus' Barrier, which the Bladers of the Four Seasons tried to seal Proto Nemesis away with until Doji screwed it up by insulting Ryuga?
(Jan. 20, 2012  7:29 PM)dragoonevo Wrote: is ryuto ryugas little brother.

There is no known relation between Ryuuga and Ryuuto. They look similar, but nothing was told about the link between the two.
(Jan. 20, 2012  7:29 PM)dragoonevo Wrote: is ryuto ryugas little brother.

In the anime, there's no relation mentioned yet, but in the manga, via the Strongest Dragonis 4D Guide, he is apparently Ryuga's younger brother in addition to being a treasure hunter just like in the anime.
He is a treasure hunter in the anime too, but that has nothing to do with Ryuuga, does it ?

I was watching 41st episode of Beyblade G-Revolution and a BGM that started playing at 8:35 interested me. I have the full Soundtrack from G-Revolution and i can't find this BGM at all on here. Is it Unreleased or is it maybe Karaoke of any Opening/Ending?
you should check the thread of soundtrack. use the search function to find it, otherwise PM me for help.
I indeed think that it is simply not available anywhere.
Do we have any idea when the Zero-G episodes will start? Sorry I haven't been reading this forum( Beyblade Anime and Manga) like I was earlier.
It has been mentioned a few times, yes. If you just read some of the latest unstickied topics' posts, you will see. However, nothing is confirmed anyway.
What has happened with Ryuuga after he has transferred strength LDragos on Sagittario? Does he come again generally?

Sorry but I can not speak English...
In the beyblade wikia they just said he vanished. But i'm pretty sure that what happened.

I really hate when bad people just become good and then BAM.
(Feb. 25, 2012  10:22 AM)NaLu Wrote: In the beyblade wikia they just said he vanished. But i'm pretty sure that what happened.

You know, the same information is all here too, you could have just checked the topic for the episode ...