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Meet Kuren Hagane descendant of Ginga Hagane and his bey adventure to become the strongest thanks to the return of Storm Pegasus!!
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(Dec. 09, 2015  2:12 AM)Mega L-Drago 24 Wrote: Don't worry about it
BTW first comic Coming tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow!!!!!

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First Chapter now!! sorry it took so long
Chapter 1: The Sleeping Dragon
Kuren Hagane a blader of average abilities was waking up to another bright day in the village known to the world Koma the origin of Beyblade, today was Kuren’s chance of defeating their villages strongest blader his older brother Lieu Hagane owner of Samurai Pegasus W105RRF………………………………..

Bruno: is it there?
Waru: indeed Bruno there lies the Tomb of the unspeakable L-Drago destructor FConfused
suddenly L-Drago started flashing green at the sight of its new master Bruno suddenly it evolved it now sported a 3 blade upper wheel and each had three sharp edges, its lower wheel was a round wheel with a standard 10 square bumps, under it was called the core the new version of a spintrack it was 24 mm, it sported two demon heads with 1 gemstone on each of their foreheads. The last part was called a Play Tip this one was shaped like a ball with 6 blades and on the bottom center a little needle it stands up on………………………………

Samurai and Storm Pegasus smashed into each other with full force and knocked each other into the stadium walls and created a massive space of crossfire between them ,but suddenly another bey launched into the stadium it had a six pointed star shaped upper wheel, its lower wheel was a round wheel with a standard 10 square bumps, it’s core was 24mm and spring loaded, it’s play tip was a sharp tip that had spiraling outer lines going to the very bottom of the tip.
Waru: Go now Ripper Symbiote tear them all to shreds, to shreds ,and more shreds I want to see them crawl like worms.
In the middle of the crossfire came a massive flood wave of disgusting black mud emerged, and riding it was the newly evolved L-Drago, Demon L-Drago RT.
The new L-Drago zoomed into battle, in it’s way was Storm Pegasus who stood it’s ground bravely.
Kuren: I don’t know who you are or what your deal is ,but I will not allow any further interruption of a spirited battle between brothers do you hear me?!!
Bruno: with all that wimpy yelling it’s hard not to hear you, now get out of here before I finish you with a fly swatter and I’m not talking about your bey.
L-Drago changed course and allowed the mud to swallow up Storm Pegasus, Pegasus barely remained spinning when the mud seemed to vanish just as Symbiote showed itself ,and with one attack Storm Pegasus, Stadium Out.

Bruno was now in the midst of attacking Samurai Pegasus head on.
Lieu: Kuren!!!!! well I’m not going to let both of us lose, hey dude.
Bruno: What!!!!!!!
Lieu: Lieu is short for Lieutenant
Bruno: What is that some kind of lame catchphrase how long your brother must wait for your tiny mind to grow out of dumb stuff like that!! Now I want you to repeat what you said and listen to yourself this time!!!
Lieu: uh uhh I don’t like that aura coming off of him it feels cold, it looks like hatred, it smells like rust ,and rotting corpses. Dahh what’s that.
Bruno: Dark Move: Storm Glory
A high powered tornado made of ice, lightning ,and fire smashed into Samurai Pegasus and beat it with a one hit stadium out and “burst” the beast of L-Drago emerged from the wreckage and roared triumphantly.
Bruno: there is just one thing to do!
Waru: And what’s that Bruno?
Bruno: Waru give me your energy!
Waru: Please don’t joke like that Master Bruno, it’s not very funny.
Bruno: Who’s joking Waru?!
Waru: What?!!
Bruno: you think I’ll be happy with a tag team victory?!
Waru: Well……
Bruno: Shut your mouth!! I want to be the one and only winner of a battle ,but since you went ahead and won a battle I guess I can settle for a ⅔, demolish him now!!
With one hit Waru lost, Sleep Out.

Kuren: How dare you, do you know who I am? I am son of Ace Hagane and Aria Kurogane, Grandson of Gingka Hagane and Madoka Amano and by other side of the family Zyro Kurogane and Ren Kurenai.

Bruno: I am son of Bruce Kowalski & Sylvia Kuriyami, Grandson of Ryuga Kowalski & Hikaru Hasama and by other side of the family Sakyo Kuriyami and Atsui Mizuchi, Adoptive son of Gyron Tategami, and by extent Kyouya Tategami and Talia Hanawa ( Benkei’s little sister; not canon in actual show).

Bruno took his leave having very much impressed Kuren.
Lieu: take me to the hospital!! *cough , cough*
Storm Pegasus lit up and projected bright words in the sky…

Tyson Granger
Kuren: Tyson… Who’s Tyson?
XD kyoya married benkei's little sister ???
(Dec. 30, 2015  10:38 PM)raiyanblader Wrote: XD kyoya married benkei's little sister ???

Yeah, the name Talia comes from Fred 2, Kevin's unexpected little sister
The next chapter go,
Chapter 2: Eye of The Storm

Kuren punched a wall in anger.
Kuren: Dang it, first I lose to that mud pie excusing itself as a bey then a total newb beats Lieu that’s so annoying!!
Kuren launched Pegasus without any regards for the wall, which Pegasus just smashed any way like a total juggernaut, it began to take a defensive stance to counter-attack the falling debris.
Kuren: I can’t stand that guy at all, what’s his deal!
Girl: who are you talking to?
Kuren: what’s it to you?
Girl: it’s crazy and I’m gonna set you straight so battle me!
Kuren: So you’re a blader are you?!
Girl: My name is Chia Tategami niece of Gyron Tategami
Kuren’s Thoughts: Gyron, the former strongest blader, Gyron?
Chia & Kuren: 3……..2……..1………...Crash Now!!!!!
Storm Pegasus charged at Chia’s bey, it was one of those new generation beys, it had 8 swervy blades on its upper wheel, its lower wheel was a round wheel with a standard 10 square bumps, its core was also swervy with 8 spikes standing at 24mm, its Play Tip was a rubber version of an old Quake performance tip…….
Both beys zoomed at each other with immense speed and clashed at full force creating a bursting crossfire, the one that was sent flying was Chia’s bey ,but Pegasus retained serious damage and slightly wobbled, it gathered up more speed and charged for the winning hit ,however Chia’s bey swooped down and blocked Pegasus head on, it then flipped over and was upside down on top of Pegasus.
Kuren: that’s just nuts.
Chia: just like you mister talks to himself, go Owl!!!
The beys shook around while both were heading for the stadium out area ,but they both blasted each other away and lost most their rotation and zoomed back for another collision ,but being an attack type Pegasus lost much more stamina and this time Pegasus lost the clash of power and was sent flying but returned for an attack from above to beat the 24mm ,however Owl moved and let Pegasus hit the ground defeating itself and cracking the stadium severely.
Chia: You sane yet?!
A loud rumbling started outside the warehouse ,and suddenly the roof got blasted inward by a bolt of red lightning, falling debris nearly crushed Chia ,but Kuren jumped and got crushed instead.
Chia: Kid!!!!!!!
Chia began to dig into the debris, crying as she threw rocks behind her one by one, another bolt of red lightning appeared and landed in the warehouse, from the scorch marks rose Bruno.
Bruno: Sorry ,but I’m claiming this warehouse for my base!!
Chia (Crying): No, I won’t let you hurt someone then take his practice area I’m going to defend him even if it means…………
Bruno (screaming): Shut up I almost feel how cheesy you are.
With a third flash of red lightning, L-Drago started rushing at Chia ,however Owl blocked it ,but Owl was sent flying, getting ready to deliver the finishing blow *slam , block*
Storm Pegasus had blocked the finishing blow and sent L-Drago flying through the air.
Kuren: Leave her alone!!
Bruno: Did I not make myself clear yesterday, I’m unbeatable no matter how hard you try.
Kuren (w/Gingka’s voice): Pegasus, Storm Bringer.
Pegasus swirled in blue fire and sent L-Drago flying again.
The ground started to shake at Pegasus’ power, Pegasus kept up the vortex, repeatedly sucking in L-Drago and sending it flying again.
Bruno: This can’t be possible that’s the legendary blader Gingka’s move, Dark Move: Storm Glory!!!!!!!!!
The beys clashed and Kuren fell to his knees and Bruno fell on his back, the smoke cleared and it was an obvious draw ,but Kuren’s injury caught up with him and he collapsed.
Boy: Get up, hey kid get up.
Kuren: huh...what…..ahhh.. I’m in the middle of space.
Standing in front of Kuren was a boy in a yellow shirt, red jacket, red & yellow hat, multi-swordlike blue hair, blue shorts, red & grey shoes ,and slightly tan skin.
Boy: Hi I’m Tyson.
Alright, can you please work on Le commas they really bug me. Anyway it's nice that you brought Tyson into the mix, other than that I don't know what to say.
No problem.
I was going to keep this to myself till tonight, but can't wait

Chapter 3: The Male Damsel
Chia rushed to the hospital holding Kuren in her arms who obtained a broken arm, leg ,and 3 ribs.
Kuren (in his sleep): I…..ya…...urry
Chia: I’m not going to stop till I get there ( Anime fast run ).

Tyson: Welcome to Beyterna the space between the dimensions of all baders……………………….
Kuren: Am I dead?!!
Tyson: No.
Kuren: Am I close?
Tyson: Possibly.
Kuren: How can I avoid it?
Tyson: Hope you know a good doctor.
Kuren: Like that’s helpful
Tyson: I’m kidding go Dragoon!!!
Boy: Go Soaring Wing Pegasus
the powers of both bladers/Wheelers entered Kuren’s body and bolted through him like a supernova and it was channeled through Pegasus and very quickly it evolved into a new generation bey: Its upper wheel was hexagonal shaped with slanted weights in each side to increase velocity, its lower wheel was a round wheel with a standard 10 square bumps, its core was 6 jagged wings wrapped in a cylinder, its Play Tip was shaped like a hoof and it was made of rubber.

Waru: that’s right the deal is if you 10 can defeat Bruno here than I’ll make you all rich beyond compare, especially you Donivan Sodo, owner of Twinzer Gemini SB.

Kuren awoke with adrenaline in the hospital.
Doctor: It’s a miracle, it’s more than a miracle you have no injuries left.
Chia: yay!
Chia attempted to lean in for a kiss ,but unknowing to what was happening Kuren leaned forward and Chia ended up kissing the pillow
Kuren: what are you doing?
Chia (muffled voice): practice kissing…………….For my boyfriend.
Kuren (sarcastic tone): *sigh* Right………

Donivan: Yeah right like you can make us rich, your base is a warehouse and the monkey you call Bruno is a scrawny wimp ,so what would you know about riches and what happens if we lose?
Waru snapped his fingers and a truck pulled in carrying gold, diamond ,and platinum twice the size of all 10 of them.
The first 9 bladers & Bruno: 3…….2……….1……..Crash Now!!
Bruno: Whaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the beys clashed and the 9 goons were sent to a stadium out
Waru: Hah split second victory that means you’ll have no choice but to join the Red Nova Organization.
Donivan: I can still fight. Restart your bey!
Bruno: Why, I see three different ways this battle can turn out:
I restart my bey and win
I don’t restart my bey and win
I hand-spin my bey and win
Donivan: You little brat!!
Donivan went with option 2: launching his bey in with the un-restarted L-Drago.
L-Drago & Gemini clashed once and deflected each other into the stadium walls.
Bruno: Whoa you’re pretty good, oh well.
3 Rubber blades popped out of L-Drago’s upper wheel and trapped Gemini in a death hold.
Donivan: I can’t pull away……….feel…….weak.
Donivan dropped to his knees and fell over on his right-side
Bruno: Storm Glory!
Sleep out Donivan!
Reading Jetsnake1's story, I realize I have not properly explained the structure of the new generation beys talked about in my story:
face: depicts the beast
upper wheel: A new generation counterpart of a warrior wheel
lower wheel: Adds a secondary title to go in front of the first title (with the exception of the circular 10 square bumped wheel which is just there to be there and has no value in the beys' name)
Core: the piece holding the bey together each one has 1-3 unique features it holds the beys first title
Play Tip: counterpart performance tip
you may ask for examples
Soon in my next two stories I'll be leaving in references to a certain anime and who ever figures it out first will be given a link to an awesome website!!
Chapter 4: Owl vs. Imp ; Pegasus vs. Hawk

Kuren & Chia had left the hospital on their way to a bey tournament in Playground town, 3.5 miles away from Koma. Kuren held the new Pegasus in his hand which had been already named:
Racer Pegasus RH……….

Bruno: Hey kid what’s your name?
kid: Jonah Otori. Why do you need to know?
Bruno (thoughts): Otori! this kid may be valuable afterall he’s the grandchild of the former director of the wbba & second blader to become one with dark power: Tsubasa Otori. He’s valuable…….

M.C.Blader: Hey beyblade fans around the world I’m coming to you live from Playground town and guest hosting with me is our sponsor Waru Ziggurat, founder of the Red Nova Corporation.
Kuren was sitting in the blader’s stand.
Kuren: that’s the guy who invaded Koma villiage and took me by surprise. It’s his & Bruno’s fault Lieu ended up in the hospital.

M.C.Blader: well let’s start the first battles shall we, first & Second up:
Chia tategame Vs. Rumpelstiltskin
Kuren Hagane Vs. Jonah Otori

Blader in stand: That’s Grumple Trollskin!

Audience: 3….2….1….Crash Now!
Owl and Imp entered the stadium and neither attempted to clash head on, both just politely waited on their respected sides of the stadium.
Audience: 3….2….1….Crash Now!
Pegasus and Hawk entered the stadium ,but Hawk didn’t hit the stadium floor instead it was flying by propeller on its upper wheel.
Kuren: How am I supposed to fight that?
Jonah: You’re not.
Kuren: What?
Jonah: The fact is my hawk has never lost its altitude to face an attack type, every time the sleep out first, this is the power of a skill type do you get it now Kuren?

Chia: That Imp bey it’s core is 12mm ,so that’s his gimmick
Grumple: That’s right….and…
Chia: That means he can deliver perfect uppercut attacks and upset my balance………….This is not good.
Grumple: stop interrupting me!!
Grumple: Why don’t you crawl on the floor like the little worm you are
Kuren: Don’t talk to her like that!!
Chia blushes heavily
Chia: Thanks Kuren, now who wants their butt kicked how about you?
Chia’s owl swooped in fast and beat Grumple with one hit, sleep out

Jonah: Do you get it now Kuren!?
Kuren: Who said Racer Pegasus was an Attack Type, in this new generation form Pegasus is a Speed Type
Jonah: Speed Type?
Kuren: I’ve lost to many battles and I’ve lost everything, the Hagane fortune is gone Bruno has it now ,but I’m not losing anymore battles because I’m gonna push through all the battles I am in and stand at the top as the number one blader in the world
Special Move: Sky Uppercut.
Pegasus zoomed up in the air and jammed into the propellor and defeated Jonah
Kuren fainted from exhaustion.
without ado chapter 2.......+3
Chapter 5: The Iron Clad Rule
M.C.Blader: Now it’s time for the third battle of the Playground Town tournament. Chia is using bey types flashcards, Jonah is trying to catch a gecko, Grumple is pulling of warts, FangFang Garcia is picking his teeth, Bruno is still missing, and Kuren is still asleep on Chia’s lap
Kuren’s Thoughts: I’m faking it!
M.C.Blader: And now approaching the stadium is Dillon Garcia & Maleficent
Girl: Mal the magnificent!
Mal: that’s my stage name see, my last name Trollskin doesn’t really cut it.
Audience: 3………….2…….1….Crash Now!!!
The force of the clash sent Dillon’s bey flying but it came back fast as light sending Mal flying
M.C.Blader: Incredible the force of their collision is shaking out of the stadium like an electric shock………………….

Twin Guard 1: You lost to Zane, you made a bet, and now thanks to the Iron Clad Rule you are now banished to the Nether Regions
Kid (crying): No please don’t put me in there I’m only 10 please don’t please
Teen: Double or nothing!
Twin Guard 2: And who are you Iron masked one?
Iron Blader: I’m Iron Blader
Twin Guards: This is none of your concern, Shokku lost fair and square.
Iron Blader: But I don’t play fair and square, I play to win
Zane: why would you come here
Iron Blader: when I was 7 years old I was living on the streets cause my village was just burned down and when I was finally adopted after 9 months by a nice man then he was killed by a member of your team
Zane: Oh it’s you….how you doing kid, where’s Spindel
Iron Blader: You know what happened you worthless toad!
Zane: I’m not going to restart my bey
Iron Blader launched his bey at Zane’s in the stadium
Zane: Now how much stronger have you gotten….huh is this another stamina type like the last time
Iron Blader: Why don’t you come over and find out?!
Zane’s Bey charged at the opposing bey
Zane: Go Scratch Cat CS!! Special Move: Cat Scratch Attack
Cat multiplied into four Cats and all of them used a barrage attack on the Iron Blader’s bey
Zane: What’s this I feel so sick to my stomach like I could faint at any moment but why why am I feeling this way, can it be that this kid has obtained greatly dark abilities
Iron Blader: Shokku you are a legendary blader so why are you losing to this trash! And as for you Zane, KNOW YOUR PLACE!!
All the Cats were blown away and defeated.
Thanks to the Iron Clad Rule a portal to the nether region opened up and sucked Zane in along with his beys…….
Mal: Magic Massacre!
Dillon Garcia was shocked at his loss via stadium out.
M.C.Blader: well that was over….fast. well now to start the second battle of today Bruno vs. FangFang
Bruno entered from the stands looking quite exhausted while FangFang entered pumped up looking like juggernaut.
Bruno: I invoke The Iron Clad Rule!
Kuren jumped up from Chia’s lap
Kuren: What?!
Chia smacked Kuren across the face for being awake for who knows how long!
everyone was quaking in their boots at the mention of the rule
M.C.Blader: why haven’t we outlawed this yet?
Audience: 3……….2…….1….Crash Now!
Bruno’s bey aimed to take the center, but FangFang’s bey blew Bruno out of the way.
Chia’s Thoughts: weird Bruno doesn’t have overwhelming yet elegant strength today it’s almost like he was in a bey battle recently, there must have been high stakes
Bruno: Don’t think you could beat me that easily!
Chia’s Thoughts: Bruno seems like a true and genuine blader today not like his usual self he is having fun out there!
Kuren: this is no contest of destruction it’s a bey battle that Bruno is setting his heart on!
Bruno: tricked yah hahahaha
Bruno’s hair changed from it’s usual dirty blonde to platinum blonde!
L-Drago multiplied into 8 L-Drago’s
FangFang: it’s okay only one of them is real.
However two L-Dragos hit FangFang’s Cage Shark WD proving FangFang wrong.
Chia brought out her arm computer
Chia: oh I see, the duplicates are indeed illusions, but the original L-Drago is using supersonic waves to push the duplicates in different places and in reality the supersonic waves are causing the attack by pushing Shark as well.
Bruno: now watch this trick
Shark just started dancing around the stadium
Chia: the supersonic waves are being pushed to move shark instead of the duplicates, Bruno has control of Shark!
Bruno: spin strength cease!!
Shark stopped immediately on Bruno’s command and thanks to the Iron Clad Rule the nether region portal appeared and took out FangFang with one swift swallow.
Planned chapters of the future
6. Chia Vs. Mal ; Science Vs. Magic
7. Chia Crushed
8. The coming of Winter
9. Legend Learned
10. The qualifying rounds
11. First round begin!
12. The Omnipotent Bey
13. 2nd Round Troubles
14. Winter in Love
15. Semifinals Smackdown
16. Fun for all
Season 1 Vol.2 chapter 1 overall chapter 6
Chapter 6: Chia vs. Mal ; Science vs. Magic
‘phone ringing’ ‘phone ringing’ ‘phone ringing’
Kuren: Yellow
Nurse: Blue red!
Kuren: Yes Nurse Wakai
Nurse: Kuren it’s terrible Lieu went missing from the hospital, he said something about you and a legendary blader.
Kuren: what damage could he possibly have taken to have put him in the hospital this long?!
Nurse (crying): He’s been cursed with greatly dark abilities if you don’t get him back to the hospital soon the power will eat him from the inside out and he’ll die!!
Kuren left the arena in a hurry search for his big brother while his brother entered on the stands two entrances over scarred and
Mal: I’ve heard of you Chia you’re the super strong blader huh, well you don’t look that impressive in person you know?
Chia: How is it your business how powerful I am, prepare to lose
Mal: I like your attitude let's get started
Audience: 3….2….1….Crash Now!!
Both beys spun right and were both taking a stance that could go either way
Mal’s bey zoomed in for the Attack but Chia’s Owl wheeled around it
Chia: I'm not that catchable
Mal: Magic Massacre!
The whole stadium filled with Blue seismic fire
Chia: I see, this would normally defeat any blader do to a hardcore meltdown,but Meteor Wing, my special move
Mal: I don't get what's happening
Chia: of course you don't you think beys are magic but it's just science. Let me take you to school, Owl’s core temperature is using your fire to be hotter than dry desert bones in July and thus out-heating your bey
and snuffing out your flames. I win…….
Kuren dashed further towards home
Kuren’s thoughts: where are you Lieu.