BeyDays 2015 BeyLotto - Passport Holders entry period ends June 6th!

Angry Face
fight me m8
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Helloooooo, nter mah plees an thaynx vory mutch. Thanx aghen.

*Enter me please and thank you. BeyLotto Rocks!
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Count me in!!!Got my passport face in march or April. .

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Enter me too....!!! Cheers BeyLotto...!!!!!
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Here's my tournament report for Team BeyBattle Revolution:

I was a bit more focused on my battles on the Friday and Saturday, so I didn't end up recording anything (nothing worthy of BeyChannel at least). My initial plan was to record on the Sunday since I wouldn't be losing or winning any points, but I ended forgetting my SD card in my computer. Unhappy
Enter meJoyful_2 hahaSmile
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I bought one at the June beybash 2, idk why it's not showing
Enter me, please!
I'm in
The entry period is over, stay tuned for the full BeyLotto results!