BeyDays 2015 BeyLotto - Passport Holders entry period ends June 6th!

Angry Face
fight me m8
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Enter me as well
U wot m8
Helloooooo, nter mah plees an thaynx vory mutch. Thanx aghen.

*Enter me please and thank you. BeyLotto Rocks!
Enter me please.
Please enter me too..!!
mateenlakhani Retired
Count me in!!!Got my passport face in march or April. .

Enter me!!!!
Enter me too....!!! Cheers BeyLotto...!!!!!
Enter me! Grin
Here's my tournament report for Team BeyBattle Revolution:

I was a bit more focused on my battles on the Friday and Saturday, so I didn't end up recording anything (nothing worthy of BeyChannel at least). My initial plan was to record on the Sunday since I wouldn't be losing or winning any points, but I ended forgetting my SD card in my computer. Unhappy
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Enter mehhhhh!
~Eclipse~ Retired
Enter me
I bought one at the June beybash 2, idk why it's not showing
Enter me, please!
username2130 Retired
I'm in
The entry period is over, stay tuned for the full BeyLotto results!