Bethnal Green/East London Meet or Tourney?,

Poll: What would you prefer?

Yes i would like a tourney
No i would prefer just a meet
I can only attend if it is held at a more central location
Total: 100% 18 vote(s)
Ok this is currently going to remain as a meet unless we get one more confirmed attendee.
Here we go:
Bethnal Bey Battle
10th April 2010
Victoria Park, London E3
Start time 12:30pm
We will meet on the bridge which goes over the canal at the entrance of the park and from there we will walk to the spot i have located. I will pm my number to everyone who is attending for use if you are running late or get lost. I have very poorly/quickly marked out the route on the map below, it leads straight to the spot we will be if you are running late overwise stop at the canal where we will meet..
On the running route link if you drag the map up to the right you will see the station and by clicking on the hybrid button it becomes a satalite image and may make things easier. So come out of the station, walk up Cambridge Heath Road, turn right onto Old Ford Road, stick to the left and walk up untill you get to Approach Road then the park is straight ahead with big blue gates at the entrance.

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megablader 2
Wait a minute, I thought it was said that we won't have any more at the MCM expo because it is to much of a pain or am I missing something? :\ Anyway, I won't be able to since I will need to save for the expo XD but I hope you get enough for one. Smile
(Mar. 27, 2010  10:56 PM)Zander Soulwind Wrote: Wait a minute, I thought it was said that we won't have any more at the MCM expo because it is to much of a pain or am I missing something? :\ Anyway, I won't be able to since I will need to save for the expo XD but I hope you get enough for one. Smile
I think it will not be in the convention ?
i cant wait to go but i need to make sure that it is definitely gonna happen so i can get ready and organize
Sorry lee i can't go to this one if it is on the 11th i can only do the 13th. I'll just have to wait for the next tourney to occur.
(Mar. 28, 2010  3:25 AM)Kai-V Wrote: I think it will not be in the convention ?

Ah, that would make sense and I would agree with that. Anyway, that is for another time. Smile
sure i can come
only if its after 1:00
ALSO i can bring my old draciel fortress
i have a draciel fortress
and can we use beypointers
Yeah course it's apart of MFB isn't it.
NO4 battles
Will you please stop posting pointless post's, there is nothing stopping you from using a beypointer if your opponent has one aswell. This thread is purely to find out what is going to take place and who can and can't make it so please just say if you can come or not, if there is a problem with the date for the majority of people then we can decide what is best for everyone.
put me down as coming. =)
Sure sounds cool i will be free most of my easter and South Ruislip central line tube station. The date is fine for me and i will easily be able to make it since i am doing virtually nothing in my summer. If i know what time it is that i should be meeting everyone at then i will be able to time what time to go at.

If there is a date change then keep me posted because i will want to come along for this meet up. Also for the end of May tournament/meet up i should hopefully have a Launcher Grip, Earth Aquila and Rock Leone in my collection too
Sweet yeah if its a tourney then we will be kicking off around the 1o'clock mark, we will all meet at 12 like normal so it gives people time to get there if they are running late.
Sorry Lee won't be able to make it because i will be busy anyway hpe more people come. Smile
Hopefully i'll be able to come since I have the weekend off from revision. I will also be selling some stuff too so when it is confirmed that I can come I will be making a topic for buying and selling for this in the bey marketplace so this isn't clutered if that is all right. Man I can't wait for the 10th. Where in the park will everyone be meeting because i've never actually been there. It will be helpfull if someone could get a map of the park like with the previous meet ups.
Yeah wicked, just wait a few more days to see how many we can get then hopefully we can move this to official events and il get all the details, maps, directions, ect. up.
cant wait for the tournament and where in bethnal green will we meet up
okay cool
(Mar. 31, 2010  11:03 PM)Burst Phoenix Wrote: What will be the price??
The entry fee is five American dollars, or it is free if you have a Blader Passport, which costs ten American dollars for a year's subscription.

This is only if this becomes a tournament though. If it is only a meet-up, we will not advertise it as an official event, and Faces and Beypoints will not be awarded, so we will not charge you for something that is not a tournament and that we will not promote ...
OK, i said i will be able to make it but i just checked and i won't be able to make it. Uncertain
I think we should move back the date, because its a bit of late notice if you ask me (or maybe i read the thread late :3) maybe move it to the 17th? if it was the 17th i would make and i'm thinking more people could make it but that's just my thoughts.