Best Face So Far

(Jan. 24, 2009  2:34 PM)Rocky Wrote: I totally forgot about L-Drago. I really like this one too - it always looks so cool in Blitz's signature.

Same here! I saw it and Blitz's siggy and had to say I liked it!
I love the face of L-Drago!
my fav face would have to be Wolf because it looks seriously cool :3
i kinda like aquario's cause it's wierd Stupid
This might sound wierd.... but pegasis recolored by me, black as background, drawing pegasis in white. *Warning: Illegal(lol, but seriously)*
other than that, aries for all.
(Jan. 25, 2009  4:25 AM)happyeric12 Wrote: *Warning: Illegal(lol, but seriously)*
I don't think it is, unless the paint is so heavy it affects the blade.
(Jan. 23, 2009  9:56 PM)Crimson Wrote: Saggitario!
I also like Pisces.

same here saggitario and pisces
i like L drago's, aquario's, and saggitario's the best
Clear L-Drago is pretty damn cool.
(Feb. 04, 2009  6:48 PM)Rocky Wrote: Clear L-Drago is pretty damn cool.
Yeh I want that it looks awsome.
No point in buying it I guess though not with Metal Faces coming out.
Never thought about that. D:

Damn the metal faces are gonna be even cooler! >w< I'm hoping they've been lazered, sprayed or lazered and then painted. I hope they don't have vinyl on them or somthing. :\
I like Aries and L-Drago
I like L-Drago's face the most, it rocks and I have always been a sucker for dragons.

I posted her since that other thread might get closed.
Going to change my favorite face to either piseices or L-Drago's.
Saggitario and Aires.
no one likes storm pegasis...?

mine are
1)storm pegasis
3) Leone
Quetz and (Orso?)
Quetz, LDrago, Aries.
My favorite is Aries without a doubt. Smile
(Aug. 11, 2009  9:29 PM)AlphaBlader Wrote: Wolf, Quetz. and Pegasis RF


Storm Pegasis?
Pisces, Geminos, and of course Quetz

Pisces is the most entertaining in my opinion though.
Earth Aquila face looks like it will be awesome though!
[Image: EarthAquila2.jpg]
why is EARTH aquila a bird
(Aug. 25, 2009  4:26 AM)Bey Brad Wrote: why is EARTH aquila a bird
Possibly because AQUILA is an eagle.
If anything round here is ridiculous, then it's flame Libra, why would your scales be on fire!?