Poll: Do you want official tournaments in Belgium?

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No !
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[Belgium] Bladers in Belgium

If there's a tournament I'll probably come with 2 friends
Kevtevin and beymasterl-drago
why do you speak english if we are living in belgium i don't now why
(Feb. 10, 2012  10:39 PM)beymasterldrago Wrote: why do you speak english if we are living in belgium i don't now why

so everybody can understand us XD
So now we are with 6 people (the others didn't answer my PM but i''l send them another PM)
My nephew want to join too. But I don't know he's 8(but he's very calm)
he never joke around or something like that
Maybe I've found a location but I still have to ask
It's ok for the location
i wonna join the tournament!
i live in belgium 2 :p
Oh, Nice but I think this thread is kinda dead
I'll PM you now
I've been gone for a while (band, exams, etc...)
Now I'm back ^-^ Any possible date yet?
If it's around Brussels, Aalst, Ghent, i would love to participate during summer vacation.
is there a date yet i wanna join but where and when
Put me on the list
Sakyoo, notice the OP's date is 3-5-11, the last post before you was last May. but Try to keep an eye on this and if you can find a couple bladers in Belgium to start keeping it active it'll be at the top of the search list and easier for people to find if there are any out there, that way you can actually get a tournament going.

Remember the members run the tournaments so you could if you want but you need a minimum of 8 bladers, check out the event proposals forum for all the rules.
are there tournaments in belgium.i can not find a tournament here.i am a belgian.pls say if there are tournaments this year in belgium.pls say.
(Mar. 05, 2011  9:07 PM)blubdevis1 Wrote: Hi,
The reason why i made this topic is i need atleast 8 bladers from belgium .
Cause i want to host a tournament in Belgium so add the list

1 blubdevis

hello sir i realy want to participate in belgium beyblade tournaments
Good evening, if there is a tournament of beyblade (metal fusion, metal master, metal fury, shogun stelle) in Belgium, I WANT TO BE IN this tournament