Battle me Australia Queensland Emerald

battle me and face defeat as i beat you and your beys.
u shall post where u want to battle(lose2me)(in my town emerald and i must agree to your conditions like bets and stuff like that). date month place time and year must be included
u must have 3 beys to battle.
the best out of ten shall win the battle every lose and win must be posted.
must not cheat or lie online.
we shall only use our screen names.
rematches must be scheduled later that day and must be noted on your post.
if u wish to join my team Static-Storms you must apply person and must put up a fair fight to join most will not be accepted.
ha ha, i was in emerald just a few days ago, if you joined before i left then i could have battled you.
It's always good to see more Queensland members, but unfortunately Queensland members are few and far between. I'm fairly certain that you'r the only Emerald member here with your closest WBO member in either Townsville or on the Sunshine Coast.