My interest in the beyblade hobby started with the practicality of the sport,that is the replicable physics and theories that we see in the anime.And not long after, I found out about the community and its innovations and I was hooked and now I really want to see how much farther we can go.
 But I've noticed a decline in the speed of innovation as most of the tricks and techniques being used (slidingshot,banking ,**gattayaki**,tornado stalling, ***one hit K.O***, weak launching)are from a long time ago and attack types are even losing face. And so far only 'dF polish atomic's zero to infinity' trick is exciting.So I suggest we put more effort into beynovation with official threads for suggesting, teaming up to test,posting evidence of, e.t.c maybe even exhibition tournaments (similar to the games at BBBA G4 tournaments, no matter how corny they seem) just to keep our imaginations going. And I will also like to use this opportunity to find out more about tthe tricks and techniques I mentioned and any others, particularly their origins.
This is a cool post. Back in the day we always looked at how we could innovate using our blades, when the magnacore/magna weight disk first came about we made use of that magnetism to carve some sweet tricks with our environment
That sounds really cool I didn't  even know such a thing existed  :D
Well, Beyblade remains Beyblade no matter the generations, so there are only so many launching techniques you can come up with before you have a complete list of what is actually viable competitively.
You're absolutely right, not all techniques can be 'viable competitively' but I dare say we don't have the complete list yet. For instance there are many scenarios we see repeated across videos(thanks to growing media) and the mere fact that it has happened more than once with more than one person means its repeatable if MASTERED Grin( i've even seen 'shield crash' and 'counter break' ) . And also there is still potential for customization specific techniques (e.g weak launching); Metal fusion released a rule book on which there were some techniques for beginners one of which was 'shield crash'(I wonder) and it entailed launching the bey to ricochet off the stadium wall in order to surprise your opponent by attacking with a defense bey yet as is obvious, colliding with the wall is a stamina drainer but with dynamic layers like gV and tW let's just say there's hope.
And finally for those of us who believe in psychic powers and inner energy. This is just the beginning Smile)
I always believed that M145Q was far better than people gave it credit for and simply required a lot of technique to get the right launch for every situation.
Also I've noticed that the information on shooting techniques on the beyblade wiki is rather disorganised as one-hour kill isn't grouped with the others. And other things like attack styles(barrage, upper,smash, e.t.c) are all over the place and not up to the burst generation(have the terms been discarded?)