BEYDAYS 2013 BeyLotto Results!

Nemo Retired
Yeah! Now its again turned to 1 face. Mystery Solved
PerZeus Retired
Congrats all the winners !! Grin
Congrats to all the Winners!!Grin
Primus Retired
My lucky day! I would like Face Booster Purple.
Leone19 Retired
3 CT bladers!

Contrats to the winners!
Orange plz
Ocean Retired
Congrats to everyone who won, I am so jealous.
Tionidas Retired
Wow the prize in 2nd and 3rd place is really really awesome...
But its oke, at least this time I won even I just in 9-15th place..
Congrats for all winners and thank you so much WBO...
DrPepsidew Retired
carp. Merp. Congrats to all especially Kaboom!!! and FlashMaster! #VIRGINIAFTW
Congrats u guys
So lucky!
ali naser Retired
I choose orange ,and congrats to the winners
Kaboom!!! Retired
I'll take face booster Red. Better than nothing, right? Lol
ayik Retired
congratz to all the winners..!!!
especially to my friends in Semarang Blader Community : ahmad_hizam 27th, joshalynne 32th and FendiaZ that got 7th place.. that's so awesome dude.. Grinb
mbaheganteng Retired
Yay! I win, I choose Green facebooster
sofferenza Retired
I choose Face Booster RED Smile
Congrats to all the winners
joshalynne Retired
I choose Face Booster ORANGE Smile
Congrats to all the winners
FendiaZ Retired
thank's very much for WBO..
i fell very happy got 7th place.. Smile

seccess always to blader's.. !!
I pick Red.
congrats to everbody that won
Kerbecs kid Retired
Wow I actually won! I guess I'll take a Jade and Red faceboltEee
Congrats to the winners. I never win hah.
Sentinel Prime Retired
I choose face booster orange please. Thanks.
Had a very enjoyable BeyDays this year and very much looking forward to next year!

Hope everyone else had a great time at the BeyDays tournaments they went too!

(I'll take a Face Booster Red please!)
Wow! Me and cousin won something! Thanks alot WBO and committee! Smile

I'll take FB Purple!
BeyHyperK!LLeR Retired
Wow, only just read this! XD It seems my luck hasn't run out since last year, when i came in the top 3 or 5 or 10 or whatever! XD I'll PM you shortly. Thanks! Tongue_out_wink