BBG-3/4 Zero-G Stadium Attack Type Discussion

I find that R2F doesn't produce the kind of swaying the that can SKO stuf as effectively as CF. Then again my R2F is pretty worn. What's the condition of your R2F Hazel?
I have two prime Hasbro ones that I use, and the movement is quite vigorous - it definitely seemed to be more than CF, at any rate, and was also much better at actually moving the enemy during contact.

This was on a smooth tile floor, as well.
Guess mine is just past its prime then. I do mine on hardwood floor (sadly it scratches the hell out if the bottom but not anything too extreme) guess it's time to break out a new one.
My favourite in the Zero-G stadium is MF-H VariAres CH120 LF. When I used a rev-up launder it went fast enough to completely tip the stadium when I get my pirates I'll do pirates ifraid GB145 LF (I'm using GB145 instead of BD145 because BD always gets in the way and scrapes).
Also I found out that only fresh R2Fs work in the stadium well enough, so I bought a new galaxy a few days ago just for use in this stadium, no others
Found a better combo. MF Diablo Kerbecs T125 LF it completely tips the stadium, well I first solospun it, it tipped the stadium over, just wondering if someone could test MF-L/MF-H Duo Uranus/Kronos/Bull/Aurario R145 CF in the Zero-G Attack-type Stadium? And forgive me if I posted a stupid part in the list. I haven't been very frequently on the WBO
and isn't update on the new top tier combos and parts. Thanks for listening to my request.
R145 is horrible in the new attack type beystadium. when two wings push down on the stadium walls then bam, its self KO or spin out, happens in about 10 seconds after launch
I was not having that problem with R145...
If R145 is stationary, then it's fine. However, if it makes contact with the stadium it's pretty much an automatic loss. Doesn't happen too often on higher tips, but happens nearly every launch on shorter tips.
On R2F, I think I only had it happen three or so times in like 30 matches...
Well, yeah. R2F is a bit high. It really only happens if it's on something like WB, which is somewhat aggressive, but not too much. On R2F usually since that combo is the one that is dominating the swaying motion, it sways with the bey, keeping it relatively balanced, which is why it didn't happen that often on R2F.
Moral of the story being, then, that one should not put R145 on tips that make no sense... the BBG-3 did not alter the dynamic of what tips that track should be on. If anything, it made it even more of an Attack-only track, from what I've seen of the massive negative impact from higher recoil in this stadium...
Keeping your balance is the key with tracks such as R145, H145, ect.
I've been using MF-H Gravity Destroyer R145 R2F just for fun but when it starts to climb it just falls back down,
Sounds like your Stadium isn't swaying properly...
Sounds like hes using Carpet not Tiles or anything smooth...
(May. 25, 2012  11:53 PM)Hazel Wrote: Sounds like your Stadium isn't swaying properly...

It sways all the way over with MF-H Libra AD145 RF, to the point that the Nock out pockets are hitting the floor. Also I am using tiles but not all the time cause beys do brake, my friends ES smashed today, it came out of the stadium the free spinning bit fell out when he picked it up
How does TR145 perform? Perhaps the tires/wheels can provide defense or stability against swaying? I don't have a TR145 or BBG-03/04, so I would appreciate it if someone could do some general testing.



Thinking about it, TR145s wheels would help your bey Stand back up And make it moot IDE so much stamina. I don't have one but when I get a spiral fox I'll test it
Yo, has X:D been tested in this yet? I'd like to request MF-H Duo Aquario X:D (S mode) please.
Once XGrin starts to sway in the BBG-10 it's game over, but in ultimate balance mode for diablo nemisus, it is like unstoppable
Hmm, come to think of it, I'd like to see that as well... MF-H Diablo (whatever CW would suit it best, no clue about Diablo) X:D in Ultimate Balance Mode.
Kerbecs is the obvious choice for Diablo. Unicorno II is Kerbecs is not available.
left spin attack type blades seem to work better than the right spin attack type blades, left spin attackers attack more persistently when facing right spin blades.
(Jun. 03, 2012  9:28 PM)username786 Wrote: left spin attack type blades seem to work better than the right spin attack type blades, left spin attackers attack more persistently when facing right spin blades.

...I have not noticed anything like this outside of the usual pattern variations caused by counter-clockwise movement...

"more persistently", ha.
What I have noticed is that there isnt as much swaying as as there is when its R on R