BBG-18 Zero G Balance Type Stadium Discusssion

Since nobody test this stadium yet stadium itself i think its time to see whats top tier in each stadium and whats not so this thread is about testing parts and feel free to ask and do results and i try to get new Zero G parts and beys and results will be posted in the OP and StrikerX will be helping me out with the test and i try to have new results coming up

In the stadium Metal tips or rubber tips seem to have better control as it sway the stadium but dosn't lose control in the arena but what i realized is the weight and spin direction is an important factor of the arena as certain tip and track combinations won't work if the combo is too light as i found myself using Orojya Dragooon LW160RDF as instead of when it goes of balance and lose control it will stay in the center and can't be swayed properly by opposite spin direction beys(RDF will sway like crazy depending on the weight in the same spin direction).The Real factor of this stadium is determine by what spin direction or weight and track and tip which determine the battle.

3 Segment grip with string launcher
Zero G balance stadium

Attack test:

... what on Earth is a ZA?
i belive something brood proposed: Zero-G Attack. Though we call it Sway KO.
This topic is almost useless if you do not post comparative tests done in the Zero-G Stadium Attack Type too ...
I am getting a Zero G attack type stadium next week so i add that as each stadium have its different qualities and this topic is use for whats top tier in this stadium as each stadium is different and ZA will be removed and counted as a KO
As for your balance test Gryph seems pretty crummy compared to other better Zero G MWs for attack so you should have used something else.
Yea like I said it depend on how heavy it was and gryph would only get revsier contact but I test left spin attack tomorrow