B-111 Random Booster Vol. 10 Crash Ragnaruk 11Reach Wedge

(Apr. 29, 2018  1:32 PM)g2_ Wrote:
(Apr. 28, 2018  10:59 AM)LOL-y Rancher Wrote: That's because aB is left spin so when it faces against right spin Bursts, the loose teeth allows it to re-tighten itself when they contact (unless you weak launch a right spin bey).


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(Apr. 29, 2018  1:36 PM)Jinbee Wrote:
(Apr. 29, 2018  1:32 PM)g2_ Wrote: Ok.

Please try and avoid using one worded posts.

Oh sorry about that.
Has anyone noticed that sR and lS in this booster have the same teeth color as the original and black spriggan requiem.
I just got the whole set in, and the Atomic I got has a ball that's basically stuck in place. Man, that sucks. The blue Spriggan Requiem does look really good in person though, and it pairs up nicely with that deep blue Destroy too.

Still trying to figure out what these "mold differences" are supposed to be with Lost Longinus and Sieg Xcaliber though. Comparing the originals and the booster versions, I'm really not seeing much of a difference.
Edit: Looks like Corocoro recently mispelled it as "Clash" Ragnaruk. Since the boxes for the booster say "Crash", then Crash is the correct spelling. Corocoro just messed up is all.

Easy to do that when one sound can be multiple letters in English rendering.

Corocoro typo (Click to View)