(Austin, Texas) Are there any Bladers nearby?

hey im looking for some one to hold a BeyBlade tournament because im pretty bored and i think it would be really be awesome if someone could put fliers around Austin so i could have something to do. :D
You need to add "USA" to the prefix since North America is composed of more countries.
Hey if you still want to battle, we could set something up.
austin bladers!
OK, so since a new thread isnt needed we'll have to start here. If you r interested in having a touney in austin, texas pm me and if i have enough people, ill try to make a proposal...
I am very intrested in a tournament.
where when and what time is the torney i know its in austin but is it in a park or inside and how much does it cost
put me on the tourney list
Can you put me on the maybe list. Austin is far for me.
no its 3 and i dont know if my mom will drive me...
im in I live in austin.
you`re right i got bored since my brother got mad because i keep beating him with earth eagle!we need to LET IT RIP!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am hoping this will go through cuz i never been to a tourney before :3
Im in austin right now and i have my beys so i will challenge someone if they like XD
i will battle you when my hell kerbecs comes in the mail next monday through friday.
im here till friday XD hope it come before
im looking for austin bladers for just battles or to get into a tourney and fyurity i will battle u before it gets here if i can :3
sounds good...how farr u from San Antonio
about 1hour 30 minutes
wheres all of the bladers in austin?
In hiding? :p

Anyways me and my friends are in Abilene so we aren't too far away. Smile
the question is where are they hiding?!?!