[Atlanta,Georgia] Beybladers Unite!

i live in Georgia
when are ya gonna have this tournament? and where is that park?
No Dan it isn't decided
Or else what Danny is that ok but don't get off topic like were doing now
And please avoid using one liners Danny I'll explain this at school
i do i live in GA i would love it
well is christmas break now so how about two days after christmas peidmont park 2:00? pm
Hmm how bout 3:00 and do u guys want prizes and anyone gonna sell stuff there .

how many people are coming and how many people have the stadiums.
I got 2 stadiums and I dont care if there are prizes or not
I got 4 stadiums nd im up 4 it. Just got hasbro Earth Virgo im ready to battle
For official they have to be super attack,balance, or an attack stadium. The others are for free play
I got the attack stadium
So nyome sellong stuff there and u think we should have prizes prizes
My friend said that there's gonna be 2 tourneys in georgia durng the summer.
What? Hey guys I think we shouldn't have the tourney at piedmont park their have been murder,rape,and kidnapping reports in that area so we should choose a safer place
i live in georgia actually roswell,georgia so if we could do it in atlanta next week it would be great. maybe on saturday 1-15-11
i'm also ready to battle with my earth virgo,and remember burn fireblaze is selling at toys r us on friday for 9.99
when is the tournament gonna be
We are only 15-20min away from lanta Danny boy. But that's a good suggestion we just need to know how many people are coming then we can pm the creator of this thread and he can put it in the event proposals. We should call it the new years beybattke
(Jan. 06, 2011  2:38 AM)Ra Wrote: What?

Were you talking to me in that part?
Yes yes I wAs
well theres rape murder and crime everywhere