[Atlanta,Georgia] Beybladers Unite!

Yeah me too I just moved here
i was thinkin redan park but then again i hav no idea where these ppl liv
any takers 4 redan park
Bo any of you know where east cobb park is it's pretty big and not very crowded
(Oct. 07, 2010  2:09 AM)supersora112 Wrote: i was thinkin redan park but then again i hav no idea where these ppl liv
any takers 4 redan park
wheres that
i dont acually rember i was there 2 play football and som days there isnt really any 1 there but i hav no idea whwew that park is
Ok guys lets just find a place, then we can decide a date..
i would die to go to tournament so ldrago can win mmmhhaaaaa
i will win
i have pegusus thunder whip and a whipin ldrago
no u will lose to the powerof my rock leone or eagle and if i dont use those 2 then MY ldrago will win HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAA!!!!!!
ok but serously though where do we go
im in whaen is it
But where are we gonna hold it
we should hold this some wher where everybody can come. in a park east cobb park or bells ferry park anyone
Yo I live in Georgia just hold in somewhere easy to get to
I would suggest Galactic Quest of Buford or Athens, they're not open on Sundays, but if you contact them and ask I am pretty sure they'll agree if you have reasonable terms. (The Galactic Quest calendar on their website even lists Saturdays as "Open Game Day".)
hyperbull: All you need is a beyblade and a launcher, just come to any of the tournaments, or even just to hang out and get a bit of practice,
so now location every one can get to it cant be to south because it says atlanta so somewhere close to there.
the time should n=be around thnx giving break or a sunday and are there going to be prizes?
as stated before, I just want to get together with some people and just hang out, Im not really looking for any real tournament, I mean I wouldnt mind a tournament style play but honestly I just wanna meet some other bladers, and see some new strategies.
hey when is it me ra and cu want to come im already sure theve joined
it hasnt been deciced but it shuld be around christ mas brewak
Hows bout at piedmont park?
exactly thAT S GOOD