[Atlanta,Georgia] Beybladers Unite!

Anyone wanna hold a tourney. Not just people in georgia, but people in Tennessee, FLorida, and Alabama? If so sign up below.
when is it putting a date and time might help. BTW i would LOVE a tourney in georgia

(ps. i cant help just a kid.)
Hm, we already have topics for all those places. Just contact the members who posted in them, and when you know that you have at least eight firm participants, make a tournament.
I might be able to make it depending on the day of the tourney.
I am also looking for contestants for my tourney request. if you want to enter, PM me as soon as you can. My tournament is Beyblade returns: Blade Off
i might be able to make it and bring atleast 1 friend
most likley depending on the day
sign me up too
me and my little brother are up for it
i cant go 2day because of such short notice but i could go next week
same here can we do it next week or did yall alredy do it?
Hey I just moved to Georgia and I live in Suwanee
if you guys already had the tournament this past Saturday
do ya think can do another 1? bcuz i want to battle with some people
hey are u guys gonna hold another tournament because me n two of my freinds wanna battle some bladers
(Jul. 29, 2010  3:22 PM)robin1 Wrote: i may be there

ah ha so ur a poser eh flipping on the site saying ull go to every toureny if u go here then how will u go to bey fray or beys of glory LIER take him off the list
I know a dude named micheal who might be in it.
If you're still going to make the tournament, count me in.
I arrived in Alpharetta just yesterday and I'll stay for three weeks.
I assume we'll be using MFB? Because I left my old Beyblades at home and I still need to buy new ones.
You wouldn't happen to know a good toy store near Alpharetta?
Give me a time and date and I will try my hardest to make it.

Kazegami:Any toys"R"us or walmart will have them.
I am in too i got 2 other people who want to come also

Just Tell me a time anddate and ill try to make it
I live in Alabama Auburn so i can make it if its not a long drive.?