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(Aug. 30, 2011  3:15 AM)Kai-V Wrote:
FlyingWaffle Wrote:Just wondering, is the LED sight any good? Like, does it help at all? Because I have a hard time aiming...

Not really. Use it to blind your opponent, like Kei does.
So that's how he won at Crusade...
^Lol (atleast i hope it is a joke) o_0

(Aug. 30, 2011  6:11 PM)Tyler Le Wrote: Agree with shabalabadoo. and in addition to that, JB has never been a top tier and listed as a Balanced Bottom
About your launcher, LeonTempest, probably because of the prong (attach place) is abit short. Mine first light launcher has the same issue. So solve the best way is to replace the prong or just simply change launcher. Otherwise, some time if you attach it a bit deeper, it helps (but I advice not to do this because it hurts your launcher and reduce power)

Well as it turns, out, I have mistakenly been calling the hasbro launcher a light launcher, because I assumed they were the same thing. DERP

Ok, well they are different in design, but preform identicaly, although one could agrue that the hasbro launchers have a better design.

Still, the same information shoud still apply. I will compare my 2 launchers and see if what you said is true. Since this is an extrenal problem, i don't think i will need to take it apart. Thanks.

BTW, conserning HF/S, is the HF/S on Wind Aquario different in color from the HF/S on Storm Aquario? Wind Aquario's appears to be aqua, as opposed to Storm Aquario's being pale aqua, although I am not sure. Can anyone confirm this? (Someone who owns a Wind Aquario?) Basicly i am asking if Wind Aquario's PT matches the color of it's ST. (Storm Aquario's match, both are pale aqua)
NoProb Leon, I 'm glad that i can help.
As for your WA and SA why don't check the Beywiki, it has WA bottom pics
That is actualy what i am trying to confirm, I saw the nice blue aqua on beywiki and thought to myself, why doesn't storm aquario have that? Is it really blue aqua or did the camera used for the photo make it appear differently?

Then agian, beywiki is very secure about that type of stuff, so i am sure it is correct anyway. It is very interesting that WA has a different color bottom than SA..

Another question about those 2, sometimes, my SA's HF/S switches from HF to S, however this is a rare occurance. Does WA's HF/S do this more or less frequently? Also, the HF on my SA is getting somewhat deformed, but that should be normal for all HF style tips right? Basicly I am asking if the TT HF/S is of better or worse quality than the hasbro one?

Why do i ask? Think TT's CH120 vs Hasbro's CH120
\probably less or same. TT version always seems to be better than hasbro. As for ch120 my TT always better than my friend's Hasbro one.
My train of thought was "if TT's CH120 is better than Hasbro's, could that mean TT's HF/S is better than hasbro's too?" (Even though HF/S is not as important as CH120)

Thanks agian Tyler Le. I have officialy gottton all of my beyblade worries off my mind now...some had been bottled up for months but I always forgot to ask them, so this time around I wrote them down on paper, that is why I have been posting so much in this thread lately! months of forgotten questions have been rememebred and answered. Thank you all for your help Grin
No problem LeonTempest. I gonna sleep now(it's 1.30am here LOL)
And yet I'm Tyler Le
And yet I am LeonTempest, there is no "e" in between the 2 words, so we are even =D

My name has nothing to do with Leone, it is just Leon.

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do TT beys fit on hasbro launchers
yes. All MFB launchers are compatiable with all MFB beys.
Yes, the launchers only differ in aesthetics.
(May. 31, 2011  4:52 PM)XDBeyblade Wrote: I bought a Ray Unicorno about 2 weeks ago, I barely used it... But it doesn't attack, so what should I do?

Did u get it from japan because I got one from Hasbro an the tip is very aggressive.
(Aug. 30, 2011  8:00 PM)ravery323 Wrote: do TT beys fit on hasbro launchers

Of course, why wouldn't they? The mold hasn't changed after all.

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What does the MS stand for in Draciel MS? Its not listed on its wiki page.
(Aug. 30, 2011  9:54 PM)Max Tate Wrote: What does the MS stand for in Draciel MS? Its not listed on its wiki page.

Draciel Metal Shield.
Thats what I thought. But its odd since its AR is also Metal Shield Uncertain
MS series beys' names stand for the same as the S series equivalents but with "Metal" before them.
I knew the names sounded similar in some way!!!!
The MS series of beys are all named after and designed to look like thier plastic counterparts from the S series.

Similarily, the MF series mimmick the F series of beys, but only a Dranzer and Dragoon MF were made. The manga did not continue long enough for Draciel and Dranzer MF.

I think Driger and Dranzer are left out all to often, there was no Driger before S, no Digital Draciel Launcher, and no Draciel or Driger MF...
thanks for the new combo if i get some new beys i'll come back
if you get new beys, don't come back to this thread, go to "Build Me a Combo"
i have a question, i just started blading again after a while and only posess some metal fight beys, can anyone tell me whats up with this 4d thing? and are many people using it?
(Aug. 31, 2011  2:41 AM)beyblade-oregon Wrote: i have a question, i just started blading again after a while and only posess some metal fight beys, can anyone tell me whats up with this 4d thing? and are many people using it?

They are just the new MFB blades. There are only a few of them currently and they have not been out for too long.