[Arizona, USA] anyone?

I have an almost 6 year old who got into beyblade pretty hard last October. He has gotten me into it too. It's a fun thing to do together. We would both be down for meeting up with other people to battle. We're in North Phoenix.
I am a burst fan and i live in Henderson
i live in buckeye and the neighborhood i live in is westpark 25811 i thought some time we can battle
I live in Lake Havasu city and are looking for bladers
Gilbert here! Glad to see people in the area.
Probably best to post this in the Community thread. There is likely one already started for Arizona bladers.
(Aug. 23, 2020  11:13 PM)Lofer Wrote: When are you coming to Arizona.

I moved this thread into the appropriate existing Arizona thread.

Hi! Welcome to WBO!

WBO is a volunteer run organization. No one's being paid to run tournaments. So, people run them locally. That means only WBO organizers based out of Arizona are going to run WBO tournaments in Arizona.

Currently, there aren't any. Plenty in California, although that's a bit of a trek.

Becoming an organizer is a decently substantial process which involves having the equipment, reading and understanding the rules, and being an active part in the community.

Please, please, please, look for existing appropriate threads and subforums before opening a brand new thread. if you don't, you might find your new threads closed or erased for being redundant.
Hey is anyone still here?
(Sep. 21, 2020  1:20 AM)SmartStrike Wrote: Hey is anyone still here?

I sure hope so, nobody here died of covid I hope