[Arizona, USA] anyone?

Hey guys Im in AZ and I was wondering if there are any bladers in AZ who wanna beybattle sometime?
Hey, I'm not in AZ yet but I'm moving there in a few weeks I'll Beybattle you.
Sweet where in AZ are you movin to?
Mesa AZ I should be moving there in about 2 Weeks hopfully before then
Cool PM me when your here and all settled in maybe we can hang out sometime even if its not just for Beybattles. PM me what blades you have because Im only doing MFB now.
hey i live in peoria az what part do u live in
Im in Goodyear maybe we can still get together and have a 3 way battle with CrabbyBlader. Pm me what blades you have. Because Im only blading in the MFB generation.
i have all kinds of beys so when i meet up with u ill only use MF
hew how do u get really cool pictures and signature things
It would be awesome to have a 3 way battle I got MF
yah hey i found a another person on youtube he lives in phoenix... we can all most start a team
That would be awesome to have a Bey Team. are there like Beyblade cubs or anything in AZ?
no theres not alot of bladers around right now
Oh that sucks but at least there is all of us about 4-5 people but still better then not have any Bladers.
yep thats y im starting to work on looking for bladers in az
And start like a Beyblade club or meet up thing?
That would be pretty amazing. Grin There are probably a lot more bladers then us 4 out there that would
join in they found out about it.
well if we start a small group word would get out and people will start joining with out us trying to find them
Yea that would be awesome. And I have my little brother who is a good blader he is 11 not that much younger then you guys lol I think im the oldest one..
i got 2 friends there not serious bladers but there pretty good and how old r u any ways
ok my friends are 14 and 18 so thats 7 people total bladers that live or are going to live in az... cant wait tell u get down here
I can't wait ether I thought it would suck and Me and my bro wouldent have friends but thanks to the amazing power of Beyblade we are gonna lol you guys are awesome ;D can wait to Bey Battle all of you
this is going to be fun