[Arizona, USA] anyone?

Oh yea where would we meet up tho like a park or something?
theres a comic store that has yugioh tournaments every friday so that would be a good place theres not many good places to go in this town
Will they let us and like do you think we could talk them into like adding on a Beyblade tournament or something so we could get more people a place to meet up and tournaments Grin?
they will let us use it and i think there going to start a beyblade tournament starts becoming big
That will be awesome! Grin I cant wait to see how good you guys are in a tournament or a 7 way battle lol Grin
at the comic store theres a table in the back room thats always open to any one and alot of people go out side because its a big open space and stairs its a really nice spot
That will awesome! How far away is the town Im going to be in from yours ill be in mesa.
its about 40mins to and 1hour drive... heres the address so u can look it up on google maps because i dont know where in mesa your going to live in. its 3529 West Thunderbird Road, Phoenix, AZ and the place is called hero's comics
Alright and im not sure where in mesa yet I'll tell you as soon as i get there tho
I think Ive seen that comic store. Also I have my bro he has a Storm Pegasis. And a friend of mine is wanting to get a Bey. Seriously PM me you guys we need to get together. BTW any1 have a BeyStadium?
im going to hero's comics this upcoming friday (7/23/10) so if any wants to meet up ill be wearing a fruit loops jacket and i think some one need to get the portable stadium
hey i made a facebook team page come join http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=12...ref=search
I have a stadium. And might be buying the new Stadium soon.
I have a Pegasus Thunder Whip. I know its not the best stadium but its better than me bringing a frisbie to battle in Uncertain What kind of stadium do you have Crabby?
I have a Forttres Dracerl Stadium right now.
(Jul. 18, 2010  10:14 PM)CrabbyBlader Wrote: I have a Forttres Dracerl Stadium right now.

You mean a Draciel Fortress Stadium, right?
yah i got alot of the old stadiums right now but there the really big one. im trying to gather the money up buy one of thoughs japanese stadiums
That would be nice to have one like that.
what the big stadiums or the japanese stadium?
Both Big Stadium would be good for 3 or 4 way battles
Thats a pretty good one in my opinion. BTW Crabby nice avatar! I love those shots whoever took em RULES!!!
i cant bring my stadiums because im unable to carry then around so if any one is able to bring any stadium please be my guest that will help us out alot
sorry i mean im unable to carry that thing around