Any bladers in NJ?

I'm looking for tournaments but right now there arent any in New York right now. And there aren't that many bladers around where I live. Im in northern New Jersey in Nutley
Surprised no response from NJ...I'm in NJ (central), got quite a few bladers here, but looking for tournaments too in NJ.
Calling NJ bladers Smile
Hi I live in NJ hopefully someone will be hosting a tournament
Yeah I'm a NJ blader. Down in Avenel, wanna partake in tournaments but can't find any other bladers around my area
little falls rep at your service.

ready to take the organizers quiz but I need more people to show interest. thinking of the Montclair, NJ area.
I also live in NJ, and I wouldn't mind becoming an Organizer, but I don't know all the rules, I'm not old enough to have such a big responsibility, and probably don't have enough spare time to do so. For now, we'll have to count on other people or even on NY bladers...
I'm hoping to become an organizer in the future and get some tournaments going in Central NJ.
I too am in NJ. I hope to play with y'all.
I’m down in Edison waiting for a tournament within 500 mile radius. No luck
I’m in WAYNE, NJ let’s get an event together! I just saw the Edgewater,NJ Public library had a beyblade burst event last week, I found out too late. 😏
I'm down to set something up

I have a couple of stadiums