[Answered]  What this recolour of Xcalibur called and from where it is?

[Image: 15650625255357071024799331324041.jpg]

It's apparently not on Beyblade wiki. Nor anyone else I asked knew about it

I got this from a lot while ago. 

Any idea what it's called and what release it's from?
That's a custom Xcalibur using the black Over Layer of a Corocoro exclusive Xcalibur, the silver Under Layer of the blue Xcalibur from one of the early random layer collections, and the black Corocoro Xcalibur's stickers.
I’m positive that the layer component are swapped between the RLC and the Exclusive CoroCoro.
Black under layer is from Xcalibur 極炎(Gokuen)Ver. which was Corocoro 2016 July issue free gift. Silver Sword is from BG-04 Random Layer Collection Vol.4 which was released in 2016 October
Thanks alot everyone for answering Smile