[Answered]  How to activate cho-z valkyrie burst stopper?

(Apr. 07, 2019  12:20 AM)redwolf185 Wrote:
(Apr. 06, 2019  11:27 PM)g2_ Wrote: Are you physically strong? Because I'm so strong I can activate the wings with a hand spin.


(Apr. 07, 2019  12:20 AM)redwolf185 Wrote: I Do Not know

Maybe try to train for a few days?
(Nov. 26, 2018  8:49 AM)yukenta Wrote: L/R, Phoenix, and Sword Launcher (even the first version) are all capable of it, it's a lot easier on faster tips like Volcanic, which means as Evolution wears down it will be easier to activate, which is why people have been struggling from what I've seen as base Evolution moves pretty slow most of the time.

Also, sometimes you will only release one or two wings, and you may not notice since sometimes when they make contact they pop back in.

Ok so it will work with The Nothing driver????
(Apr. 06, 2019  9:57 PM)g2_ Wrote:
(Apr. 06, 2019  7:21 PM)Flashh Wrote: Lmao I can fully awaken any of the big Cho Z bois with a hasbro evolution launcher?
I don’t need no Cho Z Achilles LR :p
You're talking about the white one?

Yeah, the white one.
There is no NEED actually, It performs better without wings open