[ALL MICHIGAN BLADERS] Team Ultimate Blast

Team Ultimate Blast

Description: Accepting Michigan bladers. We train very hard each day. We will improve our skills limitlessly.
Lol another Michigan team. Once you get members we could do an alliance im also in Michigan
Name Rian
Age 11
Skill Intermediate
City Warren
Main Combo Ifrit Samurai 105F

Hello DragonisPegasus, be sure to train hard everyday.
You guys need to pay attention to the tournament threads and get out to some. We'd love to have you there.
(Dec. 24, 2013  11:42 AM)Pegasus78610 Wrote: do u guys want alliance with our team
Edit: abort abort
(Jan. 30, 2014  2:50 AM)fury sagittero Wrote: Hey guys can I join?
username: fury sagittero
skill level: I dont know how to rate myself so out of 10 I would be a 7 or 8
city: Kalamazoo
main combo: goreim Dragooon wa105 wsf

I thought u were already on a team?