A mold God Chip and why it is tighter.

I search the forum and found instances of people claiming A mold God Chips makes beys tighter but I did not really find the why.  Maybe I didn’t search hard enough but I decided to investigate a little:

[Image: 9jsOVCx.jpg]Red is A mold and purple is not
[Image: j10BAsP.jpg]
Blue is A mold and the Green is a MGC

[Image: ZwJRGwj.jpg]
Orange in the middle is again A mold, yellow is not and green is again MGC.

Now, when A mold is installed on a mG layer:

[Image: odXoiay.jpg]
This is an mG with A mold God Chip

[Image: JOi2r1H.jpg]
Here is mG with stock God Chip. 

I did the same measurements on a Deep Chaos layer with an A mold gold chip and a B mold god chip and found the difference to be one hundredth of a mm.  In testing the Deep Chaos layer with different God chips I really didn’t see much improvement in burst resistance with an A mold God Chip vs with a B mold god chip.  However, on mG with A mold God Chip I saw this:

mG and A mold God chip (the beginning of the video I used stock God Chip and half way I switched to A mold)

I will post measurements on the God chips themselves here:

[Image: mNByViB.jpg]
The outer ledge of A mold God chip

[Image: fY51Ukx.jpg]
The outer ledge of a C mold God Chip

Besides having a dramatic effect on mG, I haven’t found the A mold to perform very differently than B and C mold personally on other layers.  Would love to hear any different opinion and thoughts.
I put a mold god chips on my bey but it's not tight is this a defect god chip
idk but my god chip is not tight so is it a defect too?