A game in progress : Beyblade Spinning Heroes

Hello all!
This is the game I have been working on for a long time,and we dont have beta but it's closing to finish soo here is couple of vids showing latest work.

Metal Driger

Draciel MS

Lot of beyblades

And also here is some images that you might enjoy aswell

Beyblade Creator-allows you to create new beyblades by combining parts of all beyblades

[Image: CustomBeyblade.jpg]

Then Tyson's house

[Image: Tysons_House.jpg]

Main Menu

[Image: MainMenu.jpg]

Team viewer

[Image: Menu.jpg]

We have max and kai body except their heads(hard to make)

[Image: maxBody.jpg]

Also we got some bowl/plates-places where you battle which is ussually in stadiums

I call this one Bridge beystadium

[Image: Bridge_Stadium.jpg]

And this one is R.P.M which means Rotating....soo midle part is rotating.

[Image: RPM_stadium.jpg]

Soon we will have more beyblades,let it rip system and much more,soo stay tuned and comment,like,suggest and support us at http://www.moddb.com/games/spinning-heroes2 and http://www.facebook.com/groups/164813636933031/

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This should go in Your Creations, but this looks pretty cool!
nice work dude Grin i like how the beys spin and all the beystadiums :L how long roughly did it take to make all of that so far and what program did you use? :L
would you do requests for beys to be made? that would be pretty cool, like I have a bey that someone made 3d for me that i'd love to be in it. Also this looks very good, but the vid with all those beys, the HMS one looked a bit weird.
The project itself is going on for 1 year and there were lot of changes in team members and currently only 2 of us is working on the game.These latest updates are from the two of us.We use 3ds max for modeling beyblade and we use unity 3d to create the game.
Nwolf,yes we could try,the only thing we need is couple of images for every part,like blueprints and that's it.
We were using beywiki from this site which is really great cuz there is lot of beyblades from previous seasons of beyblade anime.We wont do metal fight beyblade cuz there is already a metal fight game out for wii,soo we dont want to harm their profit cuz the game we are making will be completely free.
Which one looked weird?if you mean the black one Advance Striker then it's fixed I remodeled it the next day soo now it looks even better....
Thanks everyone Smile
We need more suggestions Grin
Me gusta, this is good! Too bad it's on Unity though, it freezes on me.
Wow, this is amazing! You've taken so much time for this, and it looks like it's goin' good! It must be tough, designing a game based around this, something with so much variety! Thank you for your time making this game, and it looks cool, as well!
This looks carpin' amazing! Though you may want to fix some of the grammar...
Giraton Retired
awsome! 3d models are really deatailed, spinning animations are good but could be faster, but still really good. i cant wait to try this out.
To Retired
For a fan's project, I'm actually pretty impressed.
Whoa, To is impressed. That just proves how awesome this is...
Clefairy Retired
If the R.P.M stadium really works in real life!!
If the speed of rotating bothers you,I think that in game,which is in unity this will be much faster,those are just renders from 3ds max.
Also as soon as we create some character or 2 fully we will start working on intro.
I am close to finish with beyblade creator which will allow you to create custom beyblades from parts of beyblades we have Smile
Soo be tuned and comment and suggest cool stuff Grin
Your Dragoon F is right spin and your Weight Disk is called a "weight ring". Besides that, this looks very well done.
Dracomageat,I just didnt want to highlight dragoon F from the rest by rotating it different way...
I hope the next update which is coming soon will be as good commented as the current ones Grin
After "melting" all stuff we have,menus,ingame,intro(at the moment just logo)....
Thanks all,keep posting Smile
faissaloo Retired
This is wicked, I have made programs before(see my sig) but this is epic!!!
I can see that you have work super hard on this!!!
You could put some ads on the link (best place i know is adf.ly)to download when this comes out so that you can get money for your hard work [Image: thumbsup.gif]
As the mater of downlanding the game we will put it on mod DB manly and on some other places(dont know where yet),the game needs to be free cuz beyblade owners would sue us.
But that is even better for you Smile
There is lot of work left to do,manly the gameplay,like beyblade fighting,cuz we need to figure out some story,create levels,add animations and some other similar stuff.I think the most difficult part is creating a movement system for beyblades cuz that is harder than character walking and similar and special effect like sparks bother me at the moment cuz they are hard to do to look good and anime style...
With time I will learn more stuff soo this will be piece of cake then Grin
Updates Smile

Today here is two beyblades cuz I forgot to show you remodeled advance striker.
I hope soon I will have some ingame videos to show you Smile
Keep watching and subscribe at youtube Grin

have you made a video of two figthing yet? if so that would be cool to see...
Yes,but it's a bit old...If I learn to work with particles to create some sparks you will see soon some cool fighting inside unity Grin
Now I started to work on gameplay,bringing beyblades and stadiums in,like creating a level...
If you want to see that video you can see it at this


can't you put it on youtube?
Not bad, this is really coming along.
It was done by some member which is inactive at the moment and he put all the others except this one on youtube....
When I do some by myself I will upload them on youtube for sure Smile
You should do something like this:

(Yes, ah know it's MFB, but you could use this for da Bit Beasts)
That looks cool Smile
I already seen it.
That is also using particle effects which I need to get better at Grin