A few Beyblade Burst God Theories

You might have heard the news of Catalonia wanting to split of from Spain. This debate is going on for a while now. This brought me to a theory. Before you tear me apart let me explain. Smile I've always wondered why there are two Spanish Teams in Beyblade Burst God. I now have the theory that might explain it. In the theory the BC in BC Sol stands not for BeyClub but instead for BarCelona which is the capital of Catalonia. The REAL in Real Sun Bats might be a reference to Real Madrid. Madrid is the Capital of Spain. Sol does not only mean sun in spanish but it also part of the last name of the Spanish writer Juan Goytisol who discribed the cultural differences between Catalonia and the rest of Spain. As far as I know he played a role in the start of the debate. Maybe Hiro Morita noticed the Brexit and saw that the EU is falling apart and didn't want to make a EU Team like in the first two Generations and rather concentrates on seperate countries as well as likely countries in the future so that the series can stay as realistic as Beyblade can be. I really start to apreciate that Hiro Morita makes this series so realistic as possible. He even lets political conflicts in the real world form the Beyblade World while not letting them be present. This is true world building art.

Also Cooza and his team mates are from a German circus but did you know that there's actually a real life Canadian circus called Kooza and the clown of the circus worked for the most famous German circus Roncalli?!!! This is such a cool easter egg. Really great Hiro Morita. ^^ Also here's the link to the Wikipedia page: https://goo.gl/lrKK4K Smile
I mean, I got those references right off the (Real Sun) bat. I thought they were obvious