A Fire Emblem Awakning modern AU dream?

So I had this weird FE:A Dream that can be perfectly turned into a modern AU story. The book was completely titled in a foreign language that I can't completly remember or it's contents inside. All I remember was the front cover, the cast (slightly) on the cover and the Table of Contents. Fuzzy to rememeber that stupid title, here is a small description of the front cover.

Both Default Awakening Avatars, Robin and Reflet, are frozen in joy while wielding snowball spells across the others in the background: Chrom, Frederick, Lissa, Lucina???, Emmeryn, (the Shepherds were totally absent from the scene.), Leo? The Brynhildr wielding Leo?, Both Kamuis? Male and Female Corrin?

Speak of the Author, he must have been European who bravely approached Nintendo and took full permission in regards of the use of characters. I don't know how it's legal to publish a fan book (unless he works for Nintendo, which I assume according to my dream he doesn't) but all I know is that he was very detailed at the illustrations. It wasn't created by the original artists that render the portraits, confessions, or the daily splash life screens of each support unit- It's more representational and cartoonish for children. The expressions were vividly realistic: Warm hugs, Snowy pitches, axe thumping against wood, the curiosity of a rare plant, horse hooves storiming against the forest pathways, and graceful white wings beating in accordance to the lovely blue sky. 

The book included 15 Campaign chapters, 10 Paralogue Chapters, and 5 Xenologue Chapters. As well as 3 DLC chapters, each consisting 3 important continents in Fire Emblem: Archenea, Ylisse, and Fates.

Speaking of settings, this story literally took place in Ylisse, near the Farfort where Donnel was expert at farm work in snow (even though he did not make an appearance in the story) Yes, people. I know snow only appears in Ferox and not south of the continent but heck it was a weird dream. All I remember is, some of the characters had a make over outfit completey different from thier default class. So for example, both Chrom and Frederick were swapped in thier light blue overalls on white tees and default boots from thier original appearance. Instead of wielding Falchion and a Silver Lance, they both wield Pitchforks (which could very amusing enough to Donnel if he was in the book.) Bizzarely, both Robin and Reflet were in thier tactician robes and white pants brown boots sort of stuff, which really did not fit into the theme of the story very well (if you are up to finding these two unconcious with amnesia somewhere in the snowy fields of Ylisse, then yes.) Both Lissa and Emmeryn were dressed similar to thier default class outfits, except Lissa was supposed to be a fruit picker while Emmeryn tended to her indoor garden. Lucina and both Corrins were supposed to be lumberjacks. (No people, they did not wield standard axes, they literally chopped down trees with Parallel Falchions and Omega Yatos.) Leo was supposed to be the mail guy, delivering letters here and there while creating dark portals thanks to Brynhildr. (Curse that stupid title's spelling to the legendary tome) Lastly, Owain and Cynthia make an appearance in the Paralogues, sweeping snow with twitching shovels and high pitched yappings. I lastly forgot Sumia and her pegasus, Belfire who were supposed to be an errand lady for the city of Ylisse. The Exalt there is unknown (save for the main Exalts from the game: Emmeryn, Chrom, and Lucina to be living miles away from the castle) and they claim that "The Dark Fell Dragon is not to interfiere with our city life."

Strange that rickety sign stays there at the front of the city even if Grima was slain to slumber a thousand years ago. 

The way I remembered the whole thing was by analyzing the fully colored pictures. The weird foreign text threw me off, but it was enjoyable to read it out loud. Though I did not particularly understand that language (Russian? Polish?) I just set my instincts on the visual images themselves. 

The way I got the book was: 

I was browsing through an auction market where you can get stuff for a VERY CHEAP price. 

I immediatly saw Fire Emblem Awakening for 9.90. Must Grab. Followed by Fates: Birthright only for 12.50, I almost laughed out loud and squinted in near disbelief. Fire Emblem: Ekoes: Shadows of Valentine's Day??? Must be typo spelling when printing the game sleeves, lol. The owners of the said items were a 6 year old boy and a 8 year old girl, both of them having agreed they sell thier items before they move away to another green european village I have no clue about. Holding up the GC controller (which costed me about a whopping 20 swiss franks), I kindly ask them about paying them later while accepting the items. They nodded in agreement while the boy kindly gave me FE Awakening from thier moving box. Waving up a goodbye, it was last second no waste for my eyes trained a very rare Fire Emblem Awakening book! I hurridly sprinted to them and spluttered out of breath, rapidly sucking up info on the item. The girl sadly pouted and informed me that her brother got it from somewhere on his birthday. Smiling, I asked them for a picture of it. They nodded with smiles and allowed me to set the book on the floor and train my I-Phone SE hovering over the cover. I flipped to the back where I surprisingly found an empty snow field with a wonderful backdrop of glistening pinetrees under the clear blue sky. A robin (the bird and not our lovely tactician.) staticly flew along, gripping a small note where it gave out it's title in English.

Snow, Laughs, and Weapons of War.
They change it all.

Strange as if seemed, I thought there was no war after Grima got laid down? lol.... and as you mean "They" do you mean both the Robins?
I waved goodbye to the kids when my eyes suddeny popped open in real life, jolting awake in bed from the sudden surprise. That children's book should have been a straight up best seller.

Note: This is all I remember from the dream. Please feel free to take this idea and turn into a FE fanfiction! You are more than welcome to inspire from that weird foriegn book and I hope you (Avatar) find yourself unconcious in the snowy fields somewhere until you get found by farmer Chrom, lumberjack Frederick, and fruit picker Lissa. Smile