[3D Printing]  Metal Fusion 3D Printed Parts from SLS Nylon, Steel & SLA ABS

Recently I began working on converting 1st Gen Plastic Tops into the Metal Fusion System alongside recreating HMS parts to replace worn or broken parts. Having grown up with the Plastic Gen I love the variation in designs and styles compared to what is made now, however I personally don't like how the attack rings twist and lock on the spin gear which the HMS System resolved in allowing left and right spin, I prefer the idea of something more mechanical: the 4D Metal Fusion System Face Bolt.

Where better the start it off than where it all began, with Spin Dragoon. I will design and draw Spin Dragoon for 3D SLS Nylon printing of the Energy Ring and Performance Tip / Track, the Metal Wheel will be printed in Steel, this should make it's performance useable against other tops out there.

Cross Dragon - Spin Dragoon (Click to View)
Wide 6 - Spin Dragoon (Click to View)

List of Parts Rendered (Click to View)

List of Parts Prototyped (Click to View)

List of Parts Finished (Click to View)
Had some spare time over the last few days to get the Wide 6 Metal Wheel designed, taking on the outer dimensions of the original Wide 6, but with the Metal Fusion fitment onto a Track / Performance Tip.

Weight Disks / Metal Wheels (Click to View)
Next will be the Performance Tip - Flat
Looks amazing. Will ever do a dranzer f in future?
(Mar. 05, 2019  12:58 AM)Rebel Blader Wrote: Looks amazing. Will ever do a dranzer f in future?

Thank you, I intend to make a Dranzer F later down the line. I've been watching the original anime and wanted to work through roughly in the order they appeared on the show.

There will definitely be a Dranzer S, being one of my favourites.
Man, your work has always amazed me. Super glad to see you back at it again!
After what has felt like forever I now have my first (first 3!) 3D Metal Fusion Wheels in my hands, being my first experience with 3D printing Steel I am very impressed in that they are dimensionally very close to what I designed and appear very strong in the X, Y and Z axis. Here are some pictures and a quick test spin on the coffee table to wet your appetite:

Test Spin Video

(Mar. 06, 2019  4:59 PM)Angry Face Wrote: Man, your work has always amazed me. Super glad to see you back at it again!

Thank you Smile I think it would be hard for me to leave behind spinning tops as a hobby as they are such simple and useful things to test materials with, unfortunately life responsibilities get in the way these days.
Update time!

The next part I have designed is slightly off key from my initial plan but I have designed this part for 2x reasons:
- The standard Face Bolt is quite basic and cosmetically doesn't fit a retro style remake
- To make the threads a little thicker and more suitable for 3D printing

Here are some renders of my latest part: a HMS style Bit Protector designed onto the top of the Face Bolt screw securing system.

[Image: q2XSOf1O0hHf-Dbw_2gZ3WIsWiqW8kU2fkfeR9fa...0-h315-p-k]
[Image: q5TinLl9WdTZnAK5pxm3MrgQU_lUZTc3Y6AzWixY...0-h315-p-k]
[Image: p8G8fSA4iB8MgAQmf-k_tvoHPaSyB1Tcql1ed8b7...0-h315-p-k]

Here are some renders of my latest part: a HMS style Customise Weight Disk designed to fit into the Metal Wheel mounting. This part gave a little bit of a challenge due to the hexagon mounting size, the launcher prong clearance and minimum material thickness for 3D  printing steel.

[Image: SS3iUOYQEOnNYl3rTYtxkjbwFzO-rAYVrLAOOAlT...0-h315-p-k]
[Image: 9gMPDErS9xT8OOzurSxL7VHXOiyXFihHExm89IEU...0-h315-p-k]
[Image: hUUIxCdQIjJy2h8G3ABr7h5McXQUCb1mV_0lPoEQ...0-h315-p-k]

Here is the HMS Bit Protector Face Bolt fresh off my SLA ABS resin printer so I have a physical part in my hands to play with til I order it in more battle friendly suitable materials.
I will either have this made from SLS Nylon as a standard part or in Steel as an upgrade part.

Luckily I did make this first as the extra height over a normal face bolt will require a new pronged part on the launcher for clearance, but may also work with a HMS launcher if required as the dimensions are the same, though the lack of HMS parts at sensible prices is part of the drive for all of this.

Here it is at the end of the print waiting for the excess resin to drip off.
[Image: Uqa4-XUtg0xnp2WZRJsMU5SET6p-HCNCRfWoD1y0...0-h315-p-k]

Then washed in an IPA bath, the support material is removed, back in the IPA bath and finally left under UV light to help cure the outside so the part can be used. The resin has a funny texture and smell before it has cured.
[Image: bpb66wBDdCZLvL-6YQvD1x9QJgCIv_pK6nSjKHtB...0-h315-p-k]

Checking the dimensions are ok, slightly oversize but this is better than being undersized and there are enough tolerances to cope with this amount of size variation, much better than a FDM (filament) printer can achieve.
[Image: 6dMZQ7ptDmzqspm1mXCOBaE2lhZ6QO-C3nrOPXKJ...0-h315-p-k]

[Image: _eSAzhwJv1uwDQ-yrYv_tsweZSLu1T7OzPLEJGyx...0-h315-p-k]

Comparison against a normal face bolt, the thread is slightly squarer and thicker to make it better suited to 3D printing, also a little different at the start of the thread to aid assembly. A phone camera unfortunately doesn't capture how accurate the detail is.
[Image: a21OXnNJH3O11AK4SqKdHWKbsMB6bz1w86j1NsWp...0-h315-p-k]

[Image: EQoqdd3p7x6mirk9OrIQcotxpx5ecAdp31Zfb-Ek...0-h315-p-k]

And compared against a HMS bit protector, the drawback of successful resin printing is the support material joins can be seen when there is a lot of supports added, however these are essential to getting successful prints.
[Image: ERHkWCIBNMRjJrBt_iklBnNzDpYzoAgrlM-jaNVf...0-h315-p-k]

Mounted on top of a random metal wheel from my box of parts to show how it fits. Will look much better when it has the rest of the matching parts made and in the final materials and colour.
[Image: xYIyLjbSq4r9Pp8FmWPU9MgakuOwfkKBofuw5IYU...0-h315-p-k]

And one mid-spin, as that's what it will be doing. I only have grey resin as it seems to have good cost against durability characteristics whereby I can screw it into other parts and over tighten without it breaking to help test parts before having Nylon or Steel versions made.
[Image: uIR5CcBHHONzN3s-V84G6TWJJV0vT36tVLdHjU0k...0-h315-p-k]

I am looking forward to getting a blade base / track made to screw this into!
Here is a Metal Wheel I have been working on recently with some detailing work left to finish off to make the top less bland.
I have named this "Granite" due to being based on my favourite Metal Wheel; Rock; with some small differences, mainly the diameter is 50mm and the weight should be approx 40g.
I was going to make the perimeter less circular but decided not to, I may design a similar wheel which has the perimeter flattened more like a rock, or a Diamond...

Across my other projects this is the last part I have design work left to finish before getting a load of metal and plastic parts printed!

[Image: yOX_7AvDQ8tS7XG3dFKZFTSpvMZqcdIdjC4Voanx...c1N8=w2400]

[Image: 8yiDzuW8KKM1GA-YNjl_EdYvEWsZ4hbB1hU0tcJR...IUD8=w2400]

[Image: 8gDsBN2MrdRcA_0xzPP01sty-qgObcjcbwDnwEbD...EXDU=w2400]
I have heard of 3D printing beys. seems very cool!
I've had a go at drawing up a Vulcan Metal Wheel so I can preserve my original one, here are a couple of quick renders. The complexity of the surfaces were a good challenge to try to recreate.

[Image: jkRhXXzm1nXpSMIPfhKMWRdXRgPPOi1ecIXEEKlB...pz1g=w2400]
[Image: DkzleFa2M31lZEHGn_BkGyozmSW7_UCmAkqLdty_...sDp0=w2400]
[Image: 1AgC19MwM37ye6kLGvwo_in9NO7oOUgSDlqI8zKB...4lLo=w2400]
[Image: rLbnRYPi6MUH7hgGwbn36PJgbts0MYAgJyvxflSi...eRDA=w2400]