3D Printed Bey

Hi. I have two custom Bey concepts I was wondering if anyone could design for me. I'm not too great with 3D, I can really only make more simple objects, like cats, swords, and stuff. 

So the Bey is called Bolt Mjolnir. It has strong teeth. In the center of the Bey is a hammer design of Mjolnir. The outer shape of the Bey is the same as Beat Kukulkan, without the claw gimmick, because that is stupid. Additionally, it has metal inside the contact points to add weight. This metal is hidden and does not come in contact with a Bey, it just adds weight. The hammer is silver with a brown handle, and is a teal-like color, with electric parts in the corners, where Beat Kukulkan has its blue stickers. Thanks! Combo is bM.0U.X'.

Another bey is Sky Knight, an evolution to Air Knight. It has the same colors and design with a bit deeper red and yellow, with the shape more similar to Maximum Garuda. However, the circular ring on the outside, making it a oerfect circle, is metal to deflect attacks better. This still retains the metal in the center. Combo is sK.0E.Fl.

I really appreciate anyone who does this, so thanks a billion.