10th Anniversary BeyLotto: Win Fabulous Beyblade Burst Prizes!

Well, might as well, don't even own any of these new Cho Z beys... Good luck to all!
I must be missing out a lot because I had no idea how the tournaments were but now I know. Even though I wasn't in one. Good job for the people who participated in them.
Happy 10th Anniversary WBO Bladers!
Count me in I am happy to see what some of these prizes turn out to be
Happy 10th Anniversary WBO (wow, time flies). Anyways, count me in to this beylotto and good luck to y'all!!!
Im Into this! Ill be the winner, so you people better bring your A-game!
Also, Happy 10th Anniversary to the WBO!
I am up for it
I won't win but I'll try anyways