Recipients of Amethyst Bit

Truly one of the strongest Bladers here.
Perhaps the only person to make Smash Turtle seem intimidating.
Has proven their knowledge over time. Congratulations.
You've advanced quickly. Congratulations!
Here, stop whining about it.
I wonder if he is still alive ...
His knowledge is as vast as his patience.
Moderately knowledgeable about Beyblade.
If only his booster pulls were relative to his knowledge.
You've certainly grown and helped many here. Thank you!
Finally, you're posting again!
By far, the fastest improvement I've ever seen in ANY Blader.
You've been really helpful on the forum
A strong and valiant Blader.
A knowledgeable and helpful presence.
Consistently strong knowledge of Beyblades. Congratulations!
For the endless good she has done for this forum. We thank you!
A constantly productive and knowledgeable member. We thank you
You've demonstrated a great understanding of Beyblades!
A tenacious and knowledgeable tester.
For valuable testing and thought-provoking posting, we thank you.
Constantly providing valuable information on both of our metagames!
For working tirelessly for the community, from testing to hosting!
Consistently providing useful information, with a sprinkle of ginger on top!
For constantly providing a unique perspective and thoughtful posts, we thank you!
Your contributions have been truly inspiring!
The speed at which you've acquired your encyclopedic knowledge of Beyblades is impressive!
His passion for testing with Beyblade Burst is contagious! One of the WBO members leading the charge into the new generation.
Despite what his username might suggest; he’s trending straight to the top! 4, 3, 2, 1 … That means he’s in a great position to set an example for others to follow.
His experience with competitive play and Beyblade knowledge in general is an asset.
A leader both on the forums, and in his local Connecticut community.
The UK wouldn’t be the same without him as their leader and Mentor!
A supreme Blader and communicator! Don’t hesitate to ask her for help.
Don’t let his angry face scare you; he’s actually rather friendly, and his knowledge of advanced Beyblade concepts is second to none.
As both a frequent contributor to customization discussion and a Mentor, he’s happy to have his cake and share it too.
He has been of the most passionate Bladers and active hosts on the WBO for years. He always has time to helps others improve. Yo.
As one of the most highly competitive, skillful players on the WBO, he’s certainly someone for others to look up to (and not just in the rankings)!
Writer, photographer, Blader extraordinaire.
He always has time to help others.
His testing threads are legendary, and his knowledge off the charts. Trust him.
Never before has there been a Blader so dedicated transcribing the matches he plays at our events. A talented Blader, to be sure. He knows what you’re going to use.
Even when he isn’t trying, he is still someone to fear in competition. But he is also one of the most approachable, knowledgable, and funny members on the WBO!
A experienced Blader in his own right, he also is quite patient and happy to talk with new members about the hobby. A leader in the UK community.
As knowledge of the old generations slowly fades, she remains one of the few who has stuck around to make sure it never disappears completely!
His high level of skill and knowledge are no laughing matter.
His Beyblade skill set is as wide and varied as his username changes are.
He sure brings the thunder to the dome!
His knowledge has been able to pass the trial of time.