Recipients of Lapis Lazuli Bit

His dedication is admirable. Imagine what he could've accomplished if he'd put it towards something important.
Has contributed a vast wealth of information to our project. We couldn't have gotten this far without him.
Writes the articles nobody else wants to.
She leaves no traces for where she's been except for information more up-to-date than before.
Thank you for your hard work!
Thank you for your hard work!
Thank you for your hard work!
For all your work on the Beywiki!
Thanks for your hard work!
Thanks for your work!
Thanks for your work!
For writing quality articles, when nobody else seemed to have the time. Keep up the good work!
For all your hard work!
Has really contributed a huge amount to Beywiki!
For all his hard work with Plastics and MFB!
Thanks for all of the work you've done!
Thanks for all of your work helping to improve drafts!
For consistently providing well-written Plastics articles and corrections!
For providing corrections and consistent photographs for the Beywiki!
Well, what do you know: when put nicely, you really do have a ton of knowledge about plastic and HMS Beyblades! It's rare these days!
The language barrier doesn't stop your knowledge from seeping through! Thanks!
A mountain of data, an enormous amount of dedication in keeping track of his own battles and others', and this knowledge is delivered in one of the clearest ways ever seen.
Your dedication to updated the Wiki is rivaled by none! Keep up the great work!
A draft never slips past you these days! Thanks for keeping the drafting process running smoothly!
Don't you run the Wiki? This Bit is perfect for you!