How do I get participants for my Beyblade tournament?

1. Check the WBO Beyblade Communities Forum
The first step is to check the WBO Beyblade Communities forum. Check if there is an existing thread for your area or post a new one if there isn’t asking if there are players in your area who would be interested in a tournament.

2. Join the WBO Discord
Second, join the WBO Discord and join the most relevant community channel to you. Ask if there is anyone in your area who would be interested if you were to host a tournament.

3. Promote Outside
Third, think creatively about what you can do outside of in order to attract participants. Our Organizers have had success posting about their events on third-party local community websites, on their own social media pages, or even putting up posters where permitted in their community.

All participants in WBO tournaments must have accounts on They should ideally create their account before your event and join on your tournament page, but if that is not possible, it's also fine to sign them up on the spot at your tournament.

If you become a WBO Organizer, all you need is the confirmed interest of a minimum of four people to post your tournament on our website.

4. WBO Organizers: Invite Players on Your Event Page
If you are already a WBO Organizer, you can take advantage of the built-in player invitation features on our event pages to invite players you already know manually, or send out automatic invites to any users on in your area. Learn how to invite players here.