What is Project AIDA?

Project AIDA is a long-term initiative of the World Beyblade Organization project first introduced in June 2020.

A new vision statement developed for this project defines what the goal of the WBO now is at the highest level:

"Play Beyblade, Together"

Since then, everything we do has become guided by this vision. This project is the driving force behind all of our decisions as we aim to solve the biggest challenges we face and make the WBO a stronger, better community for all Beyblade fans.

The Goals of Project AIDA
  • Make the WBO platform more flexible, powerful, and easier to use.
  • Make the WBO community more welcoming and valuable to all Beyblade fans.
  • Make it easier to build and maintain a local community.
  • Improve process and simplify requirements for posting events.
  • Simplify staff structure and empower staff members.
For more details, read the full Project AIDA announcement