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Full Version: Competitive Metal Fight Beyblade Combos
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Yes but other than that there are few places you can get it.
It will probably never be released in any other way though ... Unless Beyblade Metal Fusion does well and Hasbro releases Nile's Beyblade ... Would SonoKong release it, hah ?
I meant there aren't many places you can get the game atm.
I have to agree with megablader2 and Kai-V that there should be more testing on MF Vulcan 85R2F before it's confirmed to be top tier. At the current time there isn't anybody else who can corroborate with my testing, until more testing is done I think it should stay off the list no mater how much potential it may show.
There are some other people who have it but I doubt they'd want to do testing on it.
where can you get c145 from? because i have all the other parts for the aquario one...
Flame saggitario. Also this wasn't really the place to ask.
sorry it's just i want to do some testing and i need a top tier! anyway thx...
hi, what do you guys think of this attack combo?

Normal face
REscolpio clear face
Rock metal

This defense combo

Metal face
Dwolf clear wheel
Dark metal

This Stamina combo

Metal face
Dcancer clear wheel
replace dark with rock for defence and rock for storm on the attack and try getting rf and it will improve the attack...
thanks bro
do you have more tips and tricks??
um do you have a string launcher and grip? if you do get a launcher suspension and you can get it here...

or you could get this...

it looks awesome it helps your shots and aiming and it comes with an extra WD which is one of the best tips...
Um I wouldn't recommend buying BB-90. I highly doubt it helps you shoot better...
it was in one of akirasdaddys vids and he said that it helps you to aim and that because you aim better it helps yourshots more than just pulling the launcher aiming at any angle...
but in Malysia, we are only alowed to use till BB-70 in competitions.
any reason why?
if you can still get the suspension...
i dunno??
maybe its the rules or maybe our country is "still old fashioned".

anyway, what other bottoms are the best?
um WB is one of the best defence, RF is a really good attack, and there are loads of others 2...
what do you think of SD?
can you tell me which bottom is good for stamina and balance please?
I know people do not like to use painted wheels, but I really think gravity perseus R145RF/R2F should be added. It has a much better win rate against defense beys than Ray___ 100Rf/R2F IMO.

EDIT: plus, the spin stealing ability (albeit its minor) can be useful in pulling off last second wins against defense beys if it fails to K.O.
(Oct. 28, 2010  1:40 PM)Viper57 Wrote: [ -> ]cool.
what do you think of SD?
can you tell me which bottom is good for stamina and balance please?

1. add more content
2. Use ask a question get an answer thread
3. Look at number 2 OR use build me a combo thread.
how bout this:
flame metal wheel

leon energy ring

regular screw

spin track 100

performance tip FH
No. If you want to suggest something, you need a LOT of testing to prove it's worth, from multiple members.
So Ray Unicorno 100RF being in the "Competitive Metal FIght Beyblade Combos" means its Top Tier?
(Oct. 27, 2010  11:06 AM)megablader2 Wrote: [ -> ]Considering the fact that it hasn't been released properly yet only in pre release booster form I doubt we'll see it on the list till at least it's released. Also only one person has tested it.
Yea it is kind of late to post it but oh well.
It may have been tested only by one person but it is a beast. MF Vulcan Horuseus completely pwnd MF-H Libra GB145 RS like it was nothing. The best Defense parts in the game was totally carped on.Yes, you will need some highly rare parts, which now aren't really that rare, but it is top of the line. It is at the same level, if not higher than, most Lightning L-Drago customizations. But until more testing is done, I'll wait.
Aside from being able to beat top-tier Defense Beys and banned top-tiers like MF-H Libra GB145WB and the like, I think a really good Attack Type must also be able to consistently win against MF Lightning LDrago CH120/100RF. Since it seems to be the most over-powered Attack Type recorded on the top-tier list to date, I think new Attack Combos must be able to beat it consistently.

But I agree, Vulcan Horuseus 85R^2F is a very good Attack Bey.