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How much are these items worth?

(Used) A-132 HMS Customize Grip (No Clip or tool at the end don't really know what it's called) with a MA-05 Spring Trigger

(Used) A-132 HMS Customize Grip with a Blue A-133 HMS Rubber Grip and a MA-05 Spring Trigger

(Used) Hasbro Red Spring Shooter (Grip)
A lot for the first two(very minimum probably $30 each maybe a bit less for the one missing the end bit up to probably $45) and bearly anything for 3rd. Can't believe I forgot about that auction.
What do you think i can make with these hms blades

dragoon ms
dranzer ms
driger ms
draciel ms
gaia dragoon ms
jiraiya ms
samurai changer ms
phantom fox ms
sea dragon
advance averazer

i'm looking for something high in atk and endurance, and i can't seem to figure it out. help me out please!
@ spfan99: This is not the right topic to ask this question
You won't get high attack and endurance without Metal Flat Core or Metal Change Core, however, you have some absolutely awesome parts, especially if Sea Dragon is takara. If not, use Circle heavy on the attack combo and a normal cwd metal part on the wobbler thing.

AR: Samurai Changer MS
CWD: Sea Dragon's 17g Metal Part+it's own Plastic Part, or Circle Heavy, or Draciel MS's circle wide if takara.
RC: Dragoon MS

is an absolute beast of an attack combo.

You could make some kinda wobbler I guess, for decent stamina and attack, but I can't guarantee it'll work well, given wolborg MS's RC is usually used.

AR: Samurai Changer MS
CWD: Sea Dragon 17.6g Metal CWD Part, Phantom Fox SP in force smash mode.
RC: Jiraiya MS

You have some really truly awesome parts, just not *quite* the ones you're after, but if you can control grip flat core, you shouldn't really need stamina!

(Apr. 18, 2012  5:26 PM)T. L-Drago 9207 Wrote: [ -> ]@ spfan99: This is not the right topic to ask this question
This is completely the correct topic to ask the question. Learn more about how the forums work before giving advice to others, please.

I mean seriously, as you said, it's a question, and it's about HMS, and the title of the thread: "HMS Q&A Thread(All HMS Questions go here!)"

@ th!nk: Sorry about that, man!

yea i was thinking that attack combo as well.
but also i was figuring jiraiya blade would be good too since its the same weight as samurai upper and is more compact.

thanks again man appreciate it
Anyone know where to buy a grip for HMS beyblades?
Grips show up in Sonokong sets on eBay once in a while.
Yeah, Kai.. There should be a sonokong set with Draciel MS, Gaia Dragoon MS, and a grip. The grip is huge but really comfy for larger hands and comes with the launcher holder needed to use a running shooter grip, if you get Round Shell MS.

(Apr. 18, 2012  8:07 PM)spfan99 Wrote: [ -> ]
yea i was thinking that attack combo as well.
but also i was figuring jiraiya blade would be good too since its the same weight as samurai upper and is more compact.

thanks again man appreciate it

Jiraiya blade works nice as a smash attacker, but upper attack is much stronger in HMS. I don't have my grip cores yet so I can't say for sure but conventional logic and what I've seen would suggest using samurai changer's AR would provide better results. Still, experiment and see what works!
(Apr. 19, 2012  11:24 AM)th!nk Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah, Kai.. There should be a sonokong set with Draciel MS, Gaia Dragoon MS, and a grip. The grip is huge but really comfy for larger hands and comes with the launcher holder needed to use a running shooter grip, if you get Round Shell MS.

Thanks for the tip. Found it for around $40.
Well, a question about Purchase Consultation. I'm planning to get HMS beys now, but since they are quite costly and I have hardly $100 to spend, I thought its better to ask here what I should get.
1. I need to stay competitive in MFB so I'm going to buy Phantom Orion
2. I also plan to get the 3 common ones(Driger ,Draciel,Gaia Dragoon).

Now, out of the amount I'll have with me, (around 60$)
What do I get?
I need two decent combos(one for me and one spare for my sister) from the beys..not top-tier but at least tier-2..something like Earth is, in the current metagame for defense and stamina...not good but not too bad either
I can get one of these:

1. RB2
2. Samurai Changer MS
3. Dragoon MS
4. Wolborg MS
5. Jiraiya MS
6. Advance Striker

I really think I should get RB2 for getting some decent parts because yeah, even the worst parts in it will be way better than the ones I get in the common 3 and also I may have a slim chance of getting decent parts. Samurai Changer is good and so is Jiraiya but I will need more beys to get the parts to make them work at top tier level. Dragoon MS would exhaust my already low budget Tongue_out. Wolborg would be great but it would again leave me with just one good bey.. I am really confused so please help.. with what to get..
Although it is not from your list DEMS is always a great buy, there are always a couple on ebay, but a bit overpriced, but circle upper has great upper attack, and metal change core is pretty decent. This is the cheapest one on ebay:
These days £27 for a NIB DEMS is a pretty good price. You really can't get any good combos with that amount. I say get the NIB DEMS and try and get a Wolborg or Jiraiya for a good price.
Driger MS is actually a decent bey for you, considering what you'll actually face. But well, that is not the point for now.
Wolborg MS is the best HMS to buy, and you must try your best to get it. Its awesome beyond limit, and almost unbeatable in our meta.
As K-LESH said, even DEMS is very good, but if you buy that, you'd again be left with just one nice bey...
And if we were to compare DEMS and Wolborg MS (considering them as the ONLY HMS bey you have), then Wolborg gets the upper hand.
As I said before, Driger MS is near-decent in our meta, and if you get Wolborg + Driger, it will suffice you for a while; at least until you have more funds to buy better beys.

So, Wolborg should be a very nice buy, IMO.
Also, I wonder how Phantom + the common 3 eat up $40 of your budget... If you buy Phantom from Brand Korea, its like $13(free shipping, I believe), while the common three are SO cheap, that they are available for $17 (including shipping, that is)

EDIT- Beaten by Ultra, and rightly so! Grin
Guys, Wolborg.
If you have that much, try to get a Wolborg MS. If there aren't many good attackers, wolborg MS should do fine (and you can upgrade it with the 15g circle wide from draciel MS). If you do come up against attack, many popular HMS attackers are right-spin only upper attackers, so use left spin and weak launch if necessary.

DEMS would also be a decent choice if you want something more aggressive, but Wolborg MS is the best out of the box bey ever, and neither will really survive a grip flat core/gfc (UM) attacker.
Wolborg MS is the strongest, but DEMS is easily the most fun to use, IMO, and it's up there with the best.
DEMS for everything, always.

Buy as many of them as you can.

Hoard them.

Or, perhaps that is just me. I have four of them... and I think, given the choice between another DEMS and a Wolborg, I'd probably buy another DEMS... but, I've also already got a Bearing Core, so I'm not really hurting for the AR from Wolborg or anything.
Hmm.. I was going to list DEMS but the only one I saw was $96 so I dropped it out. I dont think anyone will use GFC or GFCUM but yeah, people may use Advance Striker combos and Metal Flat core. I was thinking of getting Advance Striker for that reason but, I am not sure if I can control Metal Flat core. Wolborg is the best bet, true but, I need two decent combos. So, what would be the other combo which I would make of the parts I would get?
Moreover, we'll be using BB-10 so I dont know if the Bearing Core can survive in it. BladingSpirit5 said that Bearing Core fails miserably in BB-10(more KO-friendly than B:D) so... can someone confirm this?
Also, is there a possible combo from the parts of the common 3?
Not more KO friendly than B: D but it does get KOed quite easily.
If you're not confident in your ability to use Metal Flat Core, you really shouldn't get it, but Advance Striker's AR is still pretty solid. Bearing Core does practically invite itself out of a BB-10, even at the hands of Metal Change Core, and your best bets would probably just be DEMS and Wolborg both with 15g Circle Wide.

DEMS isn't worth more than maybe $45 NIB, unless you're getting a Mold 2(the starter/booster is Mold 1).
Get DEMS over Advance Striker. Advance Attacker is nowhere near as good as circle upper, though it is more versatile, and Metal Flat Core... Well mine is just horrible (or I'm horrible with it), and from what I've heard Metal Change Core does most things better. But then theres the whole upper attack needing same spin thing.

But yeah don't get Advance Striker.

As for issues with Bearing Core being KO'd, you can weak launch if you can use the opposite spin to your opponent. That said, I don't have mine yet so I can't really comment.

From the common three, they're all pretty terrible. Driger MS AR+Circle Heavy+Flat Core as some kind of upper attacker I guess? Eeeh.
Well then, should I make it as.
Buying Priorities:
1. DEMS - $45
2. Wolborg MS - cost please?
3. Draciel MS - £4.5 from dimsum2u
4. Gaia Dragoon MS(I really like the whole Gaia Dragoon series so there's no way I miss out on the HMS one) - £4.5 from dimsum2u
5. Phantom Oreo - ~ $20
I believe someone had pulled off wins with a Driger MS AR custom at one of the UK HMS events a few months ago, but it's certainly nothing to bank on, for sure.

I can positively attest, though, that Metal Change Core can reliably whoop Bearing Core(on Circle Upper(M1) + 15G Circle Wide + Bearing Core) without any real skill with the tip.

I'd call Wolborg MS a maximum of maybe 55, but I have definitely seen them for around 45 not too long ago.